Hermit Merchant Locations In Elden Ring

There are three hermit merchant locations in Elden Ring however, players would want to know the location of Hermit Merchant's Shack.

The Hermit Merchants can be found in three separate spots on the map. The hermit Merchants offer their services in the form of weapons, shields, cookbooks, armor, and consumables among many other things. This guide covers all the locations of the Hermit Merchants in the Lands Between along with their services.

It’s important to note here that while there are three different locations for Hermit Merchants, there is only one Hermit Merchant Shack that can be found in Lyendell, Capital Outskirts.

Where is Hermit Merchant Shack?

hermit merchant shack location

This Hermit Merchant is also found out in the wilderness sheltered by his shack. He can be found in the region of Leyndell near the Capital Outskirts. The nearest site of grace to this Location other than the Hermit’s Shack is the Outer Wall Battleground. This shack is northeast of the Outer Wall Battleground. Unlike the other Hermit NPCs, this one actually sneaks out at night and you only find a Bell Bearing Hunter in his place. Visit this place during the daytime to pick up the following items;

  • Arrow for 20 Runes each
  • Golden Arrow for 120 Runes Each
  • Great Arrow for 300 Runes
  • Great Golden Arrow for 500 Runes each
  • Rune Arc for 4000 Runes
  • Sentry’s Torch for 7000 Runes
  • Distinguished Greatshield for 5,500 Runes
  • Ballista Bolt for 300 Runes
  • Bolt for 40 Runes
  • Golden Bolt for 120 Runes
  • Perfume Bottle for 2000 Runes
  • Golden Sunflower for 300 Runes
  • Prophet Robe for 1500 Runes
  • Prophet Blindfold for 1000 Runes
  • Upper-Class Robe for 2,400 Runes
  • Prophet Trousers for 1000 Runes
  • Consort’s Trousers for 1,500 Runes

Hermit Merchant in Mountaintops of Giants

The Hermit Merchant in the Mountaintops of Giants is unlocked later in the game. In fact, the first Hermit merchant is unlocked midgame. This merchant can be found near the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins.

mountaintops hermit merchant location

Unfortunately, this site of grace is down in the valley while the shack is up above so you will have to find your way up.

The following items can be bought at his Shack;

  • Thawfrost Boluses for 300 Runes
  • Bolt for 1500 Runes
  • Lightning Greatbolt for 3000 Runes
  • Ballista Bolt for 1000 Runes
  • Missionary’s Cookbook for 7500 Runes
  • Rune Arc for 8000 Runes
  • Stonesword Key for 3000 Runes
  • Arrow for 2500 Runes
  • Great Arrow for 1000 Runes
  • Vagabond Knight Helm for 1000 Runes
  • Vagabond Knight Chest Armor for 1500 Runes
  • Vagabond Knight Gauntlets for 1000 Runes

Hermit Merchant in Ainsel River

ainsel river hermit merchant location

The final known location of this merchant is in the Ainsel River region. This whole area gives off mystery vibes and the Hermit fits perfectly in there. Except this time, there’s no shack. The Hermit is sitting out in the open.

You can find the Hermit Merchant near the Uhl Palace Ruins.  The items you can buy from this merchant are given below;

  • Lost Ashes of War for 3000 Runes
  • Celestial Dew for 7500 Runes
  • Gravity Stone Fan for 200 Runes
  • Perfumer’s Cookbook for 3000 Runes
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook for 2500 Runes
  • Gravity Stone Chunk for 300 Runes
  • Prisoner Iron Mask for 1000 Runes
  • Prisoner’s Clothing for 1500 Runes
  • Prisoner’s Trousers for 1000 Runes
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