Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tips To Survive The Night

Tips to deal with the deadly creatures at night.

Though the night in Dragon Dogma 2 is brutal, you can earn many rewards if you know how to survive it. At night, you will face enemies like the Skeleton Sorcerer, Undead, Phantoms, etc. These enemies don’t appear during the day, are pretty hard to beat, and give some of the best rewards.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can get crucial loot at night to enhance your weapons and armor. If you are a player who likes to encounter more formidable enemies at night, you have come to the right place. This guide will provide you with some tips on how to survive the night in DD2.

Keep Two Camping Kits with you

While traveling at night, you will take some damage from engaging with different enemies. Healing items can’t fully restore your health; sometimes, you must rest. A Camping Kit will aid you, especially if you are away from an Inn or bench.

You can find Camping Kits throughout the world or purchase them from some vendors. However, camping at night is not that safe, either, because you can get ambushed by enemies while sleeping, which will destroy your camp.

It is better to place the camp and clear the surrounding area before resting to avoid this. Keeping an extra Camping Kit in your Pawn inventory is always a great option if enemies destroy your camp.

Ensure you have enough Lantern Oil

Things are really dark at night, especially in the forest, and you cannot see unless you are using a Lantern. The lantern is available from the start of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and greatly aids in surviving the night.

The lantern will help you a lot when traversing the caves, but you will need Lantern Oil to keep it running during long adventures. There are different ways to get the oil, but we recommend you craft it yourself.

Different rotten food items can be combined to get the Lantern Oil, so first try crafting it and then go for other options like finding it in the chest or purchasing it.

Always keep healing and stamina regen items

To survive and take out most of the monsters at night, you will need to ensure you have plenty of stamina and health regen consumables, like Fruit Roborant. Many items can serve this purpose.

Having a character with mage vocation in your party is best for getting the most healing, especially when trying to survive the night in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The mage’s core skill, Anodyne, heals not only the caster but also the allies in range.

Besides this, the mage can also give you buffs that allow you to deal much more damage to the enemies.

Travel at night with the Upgraded Gear

As mentioned, the enemies you will face are far more dangerous than the ones you face during the day. To deal the most damage to these enemies, you will need to ensure that you have the most upgraded gear.

To get the best gear for you and your Pawns, head to the armorer and scroll to the gear with blue numbers. The blue number shows that the gear has higher stats, so go ahead and purchase it if you want to beat the darkness in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Travel with the Best Pawns available

Always check the Riftstone before heading out on an adventure to ensure you take the best Pawns. Pawns with higher levels and the best specialization should accompany you on your night journey to deal with the deadly creatures of the forests.

Follow the road to find a Settlement

If traveling gets dangerous due to the dark and you are not fully prepared to deal with the brutal enemies, you should follow a straight road. While enemies can still attack you on roads, there are fewer chances of encountering them this way.

Take out your lantern and continue to move forward, as this will increase your chances of finding a place with light or a Settlement where you can rest.

There are guards at the entrance of settlements, so the chances of encountering enemies inside them are pretty low. Moreover, if you have some items that you have moved to the storage, you can withdraw them by heading to the Inn.

Use a Ferrystone and Portable Portcrystals to reach safe zones

Sometimes, during the night, things can get out of control. To deal with such situations, placing a Portcrytals at your spot and using the Ferrystone to travel to a safer location quickly is better.

You should place a Portable Portcrystals because it will allow you to travel back to where you were and start your journey after preparing yourself.

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