Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Increase Inventory Size, Carry Capacity

Tips for increasing the Weight Carrying Capacity in DD2.

A number of things in Dragon’s Dogma 2 determine the amount of weight you can carry in your inventory. Constantly picking up new materials, gear items and consumables will make you over encumbered before you know it if you havent invested in increasing your carry capacity.

But there is no need to worry; even if your inventory capacity is low, there are ways to increase the weight you can carry in your inventory in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for a while, it is possible you might not know all the ways to increase your inventory size in Dragon’s Dogma 2, which is what we will be helping you with. The list below mentions all the ways you can increase your character (and your pawn’s) carry capacity.

  • Create a bigger body during character creation
  • Choose the Fighter vocation to maximize carry capacity
  • Unlock the Thew Augment
  • Find and eat the Golden Trove Beetles
  • Equip Rings that boost Carrying Capacity
  • Level Up your Character
  • Use Storage and Trade Items with Pawns
  • Upgrade your Gear

Create a bigger body during character creation

If you want to have more carrying capacity right from the start of the game, you will need to max out some of the body attributes. The character’s size will impact the weight you can carry in your inventory.

To get the highest carry capacity, you must max out most of the body, lower body, upper body, and height attributes. However, you will see a drop in stamina and movement speed. If you are ready to compromise on these, you can boost the weight limit in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

If you don’t want to compromise on speed and stamina, use the Character Creator to create a character you like and use other inventory management methods.

Choose the Fighter Vocation

Even though the Thief is a better starting Vocation, you can choose Fighter if you want the maximum encumbrance boost. Though the difference is not that big, it is still greater than the other three starting vocations.

Fighters usually carry heavy swords, shields, and armor; if they can switch them for lighter ones, they will have an even greater carrying weight capacity.


Remember that changing vocation affects the encumbrance. If you switch from Fighter to a lower carrying capacity vocation like Mage, the maximum encumbrance will significantly drop.

Unlock the Thew Augment

If you have selected and leveled the Fighter class, you will also unlock the Thew augment. The Thew augment unlocks at level 6 and helps you carry additional weight. Once you have unlocked it, the augment can be used with any vocation so you will gain increased carry capacity even if you switch to a Mage.

Find and consume Golden Trove Beetles

For a permanent boost in inventory carrying capacity, you must look for consumable insects known as the Golden Trove Beetles. You can usually find these beetles on trees in Dragon’s Dogma 2 during your adventure.


It is better to look for Golden Trove Beetles during the evening or night as you can identify them from a distance because of their golden glow.

One Golden Trove Beetle can increase your carrying capacity by 0.15 kg. The number may seem small, but because you can find and eat as many as you want, you boost the weight limit significantly. There are instances when you can get the Golden Trove Beetle as a quest reward.

In our case, we get it for completing The Gift of Giving, which requires us to give Daphne the medicine. If you are lucky enough, you can also get your hands on it while looting enemies or chests. It is not a very rare item like the Wakestone, so you can find it pretty quickly.

Equip Rings that boost inventory size

Currently, three rings in Dragon’s Dogma 2 increase the wearer’s carry capacity. Just like the Ring of Assurance, you can equip these in both hands to hold onto more items.

  • Ring of Accrual: You can get it for around 6500G from Vernworth or Checkpoint Rest Town shops. You can also get it from Sven at the fountain the day after giving him the Ornate Box.
  • Ring of Triumph: You can get this ring in exchange for 15 Seeker Tokens at the Vocation Guild in Vernworth. To find these tokens, you can use the Trickster Vocation Detection augment.
  • Ring of Profusion: This is a bit hard to get, as you will need to exchange 70 Seeker tokens to get it as a reward. However, this ring gives a bigger boost to the Dragon’s Dogma 2 carrying capacity.

Level Up your character

After leveling up your character five levels, you will notice an addition of 3 kg in your character’s max encumbrance. If you have leveled up your character from level 5 to 15, you will notice a boost of 9 kg in your overall inventory capacity.

To farm a lot of XP, prioritize fighting some challenging enemies instead of dealing with smaller monsters. The more XP you gain, the more quickly you will level up. You can also complete all types of quests to farm XP.

Use Storage and Trade Items with Pawns

To boost inventory capacity in Dragon’s Dogma 2, consider depositing items you don’t need in the storage. You can always use this stuff while crafting, so carrying it is unnecessary.

If you have some stuff that can get rotten and you don’t need it now, you should put it in storage at the Inn. Alternatively, you can head to your inventory and use the “Give” option to hand over the extra stuff to your Pawns.


Sort the items according to their weight and then use the Give option to move the heaviest ones to the Pawn inventory.

This is an excellent way of managing the inventory and increasing the carrying limit. You can always get back the items you store in the storage by talking to the Innkeeper.

Upgrade your Gear

If you have done everything possible to increase the carrying capacity but still think you need more boost, you can also try upgrading gear. Upgrading gear doesn’t increase the capacity of items you can carry, but it will decrease the weight of gear in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

When gear weight decreases, you will have extra space to carry what you need. To upgrade gear, you will need some material and a lot of Gold, so ensure you collect them while progressing.

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