How To Romance Wilhelmina In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Wilhelmina is a noblewoman you can find and romance in Dragon's Dogma 2. She's a bit complicated. Here's how to do so.

The elusive and alluring Wilhelmina is one of two romanceable characters in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You meet her near the game’s midpoint where she asks you to help locate evidence so she can implicate and kill a Nobleman named Allard.

Before you can begin romancing Wilhelmina, you must complete several quests. In this guide, we’ll go over a step-by-step process of romancing Wilhelmina, including the quests you must complete. We’ll also discuss whether this romance is missable or not.

Prerequisites for romancing Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To romance Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2, progress the main story until you reach Captain Brant in Vernworth. He’ll assign you several quests; among them, you need to complete “The Stolen Throne” and “An Unsettling Encounter” to access Wilhelmina’s romance quest, “Every Rose Has Its Thorns.”

The Stolen Throne” is available immediately, while “An Unsettling Encounter” can be unlocked once you complete the quests “Monster Culling” and “Disa’s Plot”. You can complete the two quests leading to the final romance quest in any order.

Complete “The Stolen Throne”

To begin this quest, talk to Brant and ask him about the masquerade. He’ll indicate that this party will allow you to seek out the false Arisen. He’ll then hand you a mask you’ll need to blend in with the crowd.

To access the party, you’ll also need to acquire Courtly attire (tunic and breeches) found in chests throughout the main castle. Put on the clothes and the mask and make your way to the masquerade in Venworth Hall.

Follow the quest prompts and talk to the NPCs present there until you encounter Wilhelmina in the Rose Chateau Bordelrie. Wilhelmina will immediately decide to help you and have you look through a secret peephole where you’ll find a man named Phaseus talking to Queen Disa.

Once this scene ends, Wilhelmina will hand you the Myrmecoleon Card, granting you special access to the Bordelrie. Return to Brant to finish this quest.

Complete “An Unsettling Encounter”

Granted, you’ve completed “Monster Culling” and “Disa’s Plot.” You can start the quest “An Unsettling Encounter” by talking to Brant about Allard. He’ll task you with finding out more about a Nobleman named Allard.

Make your way to his quarters in the Vernworth castle at night and investigate the area. Near the back left wall of the room, you’ll find a hidden passageway that leads to a secret room. Inside it, you’ll find a Battahli-crested letter.

As you’re exiting the castle, you’ll be pursued by a couple of guards, to escape, you’ll need to drop out of a window into the courtyard. Here, you’ll meet Wilhelmina once more. Who’ll pull you into a kiss to save you from getting caught.

Return to Brant to finish this quest once you’ve successfully evaded the guards.


If you do this quest before “The Stolen Throne” Wilhelmina will give you the Myrmecoleon Card here rather than giving it to you at the Rose Chateau Bordelrie.

Complete “Every Rose Has Its Thorns”

Once you’ve completed both quests and waited 8 in-game days, you can start “Every Rose Has Its Thorns”. Go to the Rose Chateau Bordelrie to find Wilhelmina where you’ll find the entrance to her room blocked by a guard. Enter the room by any means and head to the same peephole she showed you during the quest “The Stolen Throne.”

Upon peeping through the hole, you’ll notice Wilhelmina talking to Allard, who asks for her hand. She quickly whisks him away. She converses with you, letting you know you were watching her. She asks you to help her find evidence that implicates Allard in a crime so she can kill him. This is a time-sensitive quest and you’ll only have three in-game days to complete it.

Find the evidence for Wilhelmina

To find the evidence against Allard, speak to Sven in his quarters in Vernworth Castle. His room is in the northwestern part of the castle. When you talk to him, he won’t have much information to offer, but he’ll tell you to speak to Patrick, as he may have information on Allard.

Patrick’s Estate is in the northwest corner of Vernworth’s noble Quarter. Speak to him, and he’ll offer to distract Allard by inviting him over, allowing you to infiltrate his house and acquire the evidence. Allard’s Estate is right at the back of Patrick’s.

Wait for Allard to leave and sneak into his estate. Take the first flight of stairs leading up and interact with the oval-framed picture of a potted flower on the left wall. The picture is next to a window, and the evidence, named “Murder Report, will dislodge from behind it and fall on a table underneath once you interact with it.

Give the evidence to Wilhelmina

Return to Rose Chateau Bordelrie and hand over the evidence to Wilhelmina. She’ll then ask you to assist her in killing Allard. If you want to romance her, it is pivotal that you accept this offer. She’ll let you know that Allard is in the next room if you accept.

Enter the room with Allard and grab him with R2/RT. After which Wilhelmina will appear in a Beastren disguise. It is here that she reveals that Allard was responsible for the murder of both her parents. Once she finishes him off, guards will surround the room.

You’ll need to follow her and escape through the window. Before you part ways, she invites you back to meet her later. Now, you can either run away from the guards or face them head-on. Either way, once you enter the Stardrop Inn, the bulk of this quest ends.

Romance Wilhelmina

Wait at the Inn until the morning then return to the Rose Chateau Bordelrie. Talk to Wilhelmina and she’ll thank you for your services. After this another cutscene will trigger, finally allowing you to romance her.


Once the romance with Wilhelmina ends, she leaves Vernworth, never to be seen again. This is a stark contrast to Ulrika, who, after romancing, waits outside your house.

Can you miss out on romancing Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

There are several ways to miss out on romancing Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Firstly, if you fail to find the evidence against Allard within three in-game days, you won’t be able to progress the quest any further. Similarly, if you decide not to help her kill Allard during the final stretch of the “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” quest, she won’t invite you back to her room.

Secondly, if you go to Bakbattahl or Checkpoint Rest Town after completing the quest “Feast of Deception,” you won’t be able to romance her. Talking to her after returning from either of the two areas does not trigger the quest.

How to raise Affinity with Ulrika?

Affinity is a Dragon’s Dogma 2 mechanic that depicts your relationship level with an NPC. You can check this in the History menu in the NPC Logbook tab, and the game will display an affinity for almost every NPC you interact with. You can raise it by giving a character gifts they like.

For Wilhelmina, the game will tell you what you need to gift her to raise your affinity. She likes Adorable and Beautiful items, just like Ulrika. Shiny trinkets, ores, and flowers are good bets for these items. Give her these to raise your affinity and make it easy to romance.

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