Dragon’s Dogma 2 Spirits’ Path Dungeon Location

Explore the Spirits' Path dungeon to get the rare loot in Dragon's Dogma 2.

The Spirits’ Path is among the best dungeons for looting important items in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This cave has many items, including rare ones like the Onyx, Seeker’s Token, and even a Wakestone.

Besides this, you can find many consumable items for boosting stamina and healing your character and main pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The best thing about this dungeon is you can loot items more easily, as there are no tough foes. You will get to encounter some skeletons (at night) and other small enemies.

If you are searching for loot and want to enter it, don’t worry; I will help you get to the Spirits’ Path and find all the important items inside.

How to enter the Spirits’ Path dungeon in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Spirits’ Path dungeon is pretty easy to find; you will find its entrance on the path from Vernworth to Nameless Village. It is next to the Ruined Settlement on the cliff edge, close to a small wooden bridge.

I have marked its location on the map and provided an image of the entrance so you can find it easily. Once you spot it, jump inside to enter the Spirits’ Path dungeon. It is pretty small, so collecting loot will not take much time.

Notable Loot inside Spirits’ Path

Right after entering the Spirits’ Path dungeon in Dragon’s Dogma 2, move straight inside the cave, as this is the only path you can take. The image below shows the locations where all the important items are located inside the cave.

As you move forward, wooden crates and barrels will appear, so hit them to collect the loot inside. The crates and barrels here have items like Fruit Robarant, Dried Fruit, Dried Spud, Greenwarish, and Detoxifying Decoction, so collect them.

The area is pretty dark, so you will need some light source. Make sure you carry a fueled lantern with you. Enemies will start attacking you as soon as they see the light, so stay vigilant while moving forward.

Instead of taking the path on the left, you should first move straight, as enemies will attack and disturb you from there.

Once you have cleared the enemies, enter that room and open the containers and barrels there to find an Onyx, a jewel that has a good selling price in the Vernworth region of Dragon’s Dogma 2. You will also find Winter’s Path, a grimoire that allows you to cast the High Frigor spell when read, even if your character isn’t a Mage.

After collecting these, you can enter the room on the right to access more loot. This room has a chest in the center that contains a Wakestone.

After collecting the Wakestone, you should open and hit every container/barrel in this room to get the Threshing Blaze (Grimoire to Cast Fire Spell), Gold, and Ripened Apple.

Once you’ve completed this area, you can return to the path we skipped earlier. Take this path down, taking you to a cliff edge. You will find a barrel on the left which has the only Seeker’s Token inside the Spirits’ Path dungeon of Dragon’s Dogma 2. After this, you can double-check to break the missed containers and get the other loot.

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