Should You Give Grimoires To Trysha Or Myrddin In Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you play through Spellbound and The Sorcerer’s Appraisal, you must decide whom to give the grimoires to in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 often requires you to make tough decisions, which can result in missing out on key abilities, quests, and gear pieces. One such example is your decision to deliver Grimoires to either Trysha or Myrddin in the quests ‘Spellbound’ and ‘The Sorcerer’s Appraisal’.

Both these NPCs seek the same items, and it is up to you to decide how you want to approach the situation. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can start both quests, find all the Grimoires, and deliver them most efficiently, allowing you to reap the rewards from both these quests.

How to start Spellbound

spellbound quest location to find grimoires in dragon's dogma 2

Spellbound” can be started by heading to Eini’s Home, located north of Vermund in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Once you enter the house, you’ll find Trysha arguing with her Granny over the use of magic. After their bickering ends, speak to Granny by heading up the hill leading out from the house. Next, return to the house and speak to Trysha where she’ll ask you to bring her two to three Grimoires so she can learn magic that her Granny has forbidden her to learn and use.

How to start The Sorcerer’s Appraisal

You can start “The Sorcerer’s Appraisal” by speaking to Myrddin in Checkpoint Rest Town. To enter his home, you must be wearing Courtly Breeches and a Courtly Tunic. When you speak to him, he’ll tell you that he’d be willing to teach you his ways if you bring him some Grimoires.

Grimoire #1 – Let There Be Light

first of the grimoires in dragon's dogma 2

The first Grimoire can be found in Myrddin’s home in Checkpoint Rest Town in Dragon’s Dogma 2. After you start the quest, “The Sorcerer’s Appraisal”, head to the second floor of the house and search the desk by the window leading to the balcony. Remember to wear Courtly Breeches and Courtly Tunic to access Myrddin’s home.

Grimoire #2 – Fulminous Shield

The Fulminous Shield Grimoire can be bought from a merchant in Melve Village. He’ll be right by the entrance and the Oxcart Station. He will sell you the item for 5000 Gold.

Grimoire #3 – Nation’s Death Knell (first copy)

third of the grimoires in dragon's dogma 2

The first copy of Nation’s Death Knell can be found in The Ancient Battlefield. The map image above gives the exact location of the entrance leading to the cave that holds this Grimoire. Once you enter the cave, follow the path and enter the large side room to find it.

Grimoire #4 – Nation’s Death Knell (second copy)

The second copy of Nation’s Death Knell is found in a chest on the second floor of the Water Cave. Enter the Water Cave by heading to the marker on the map image above. Go to the second floor by following the cave’s path until you locate a ladder leading upward. The red chest containing the Grimoire is just beyond the ladder.

Grimoire #5 – Howling Blizzard

five of the grimoires in dragon's dogma 2

Howling Blizzard is found in the same chest as the second copy of Nation’s Death Knell.

Grimoire #6 – Towering Earth

The last Grimoire can be acquired after completing the main quest “The Caged Magistrate”. Once you’ve finished this quest, head to the Gracious Hands’ Vaults and speak to Waldhar and he’ll give you Towering Earth. The vault can be accessed by heading to the area of Vernworth Castle marked on the map image above.

Decision A: Give the real Grimoires to Trysha

Once you’ve acquired at least three Grimoires, you can return to Trysha and give them to her. You’ll need to wait a couple of days for her to read through them all. You can rest for two in-game days or continue with other quests before returning to her.


You can give a minimum of three and a maximum of five Grimoires to each NPC

Upon your return, you’ll find Trysha attacking everyone close to her due to her uncontrollable magic. She’ll also start attacking you if you get too close. All you have to do here is wait for her spells to lose their potency and then walk up to where she is to tackle and subdue her. After this, another cutscene will play and you’ll have to rest for another two days before returning to Trysha.

When you return to her one final time, she’ll thank you for saving her and her people and will give you the rewards for this quest which are;

  • Cast Stone (Mage weapon)
  • Conjurer’s Jottings (Read to unlock Materon Maister Skill)
  • Enchanter’s Almanac (read to unlock Celestial Paean Maister Skill)
  • 2,000 XP
  • 3,000 Gold

Decision B: Give the real Grimoires to Myrddin

You can give the real Grimoires to Myrddin, but doing so nets you no extra rewards as, unlike Trysha, he simply wants to collect the books and not learn from them. Whether you give him the real or forged Grimoires, the reward outcome will be the same. For giving Myrddin the real Grimoires, you’ll receive the following rewards;

  • Ares Morpho Robe (Mage armor)
  • Myrddin’s Chronicle (Read to unlock Maelstrom Maister Skill)
  • 2,100 XP
  • 11,000 Gold

Decision C: Give the forged Grimoires to Trysha

If you give Trysha the forged Grimoires and return them to her later, she’ll remark that she cannot use them in Dragon’s Dogma 2. She’ll go on to say that this could be a result of her not having a knack for magic like her Granny. The quest will end here, and you will not receive either of the Maister Skills.

Decision D: Give the forged Grimoires to Myrddin

As we’ve discussed above, Myrddin does not care about the legitimacy of the books as he only seeks to collect them. if you give him the forged Grimoires, you’ll receive the same rewards as you would for giving him the real ones.

How to forge Grimoires in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

To forge Grimoires in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you need to go to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town. To duplicate a Grimoire, you need 6,000 Gold and a full day.

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