Dragon’s Dogma 2 Short-Sighted Ambition: Give Original Or Forged Grimoire To Isaac?

Should you Give Isaac the original On The Transference of Souls 2 or the Forgery?

As soon as you enter the Bakbattahl in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and make some purchases from Isaac’s Wares, you will realize that something is wrong with his vision. This will start the Short-Sighted Ambition quest in which he will first ask you to bring him a Ripened Quince.

Quince is a pretty common item in Battahl, and it is highly possible that you already have one in your Inventory. You can also check your pawn inventory, as there is a possibility of having one. Don’t worry if you find a simple Quince; it will be ripe in three days.

You must rest at a nearby bench for three days or continue with another quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you don’t have one, there is nothing to worry about as I am willing to help you find its plant nearby.

Where to find the Ripened Quince

You can find the Quince in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the Short-Sighted Ambition quest in two fixed locations. Both are just west of the Isaac shop location and marked on the map. You can find one while reaching the marked area, so keep your eyes open.

I have added the Quince image so you can identify it quickly while leading to its location. After collecting these, you must rest for three days to turn them into Ripened Quince.


To ensure the Quince turns to the Ripened Quince, you must ensure that it is in your Inventory, not in the storage at an Inn. If it is in storage, withdraw it and rest for three days.

Once you have the Ripened Quince, return to Isaac’s Wares and deliver it to him. He will not say much now, but you will get the next objective of revisiting him in a few days. The few days were two days for me.

This time, he will mention that he finished reading the first volume of Grimoire and now wants you to find him the second one. He will say that he wants a better life for his family, so speaking with them is a better option so you can decide what you should do.

You will find his wife and daughter around the corner as you turn back close to the fireplace. Speak to them, and his wife will request you to stop aiding him as he has already lost one eye. Once done talking, you must follow the quest marker to take you to the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Where to find On the Transference of Souls 2 in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Once you reach the Checkpoint Rest Town, you don’t have to wander around as I have already marked the location you will need to visit. You can purchase On The Transference of Souls 2 from Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town.

You must have already visited that location by now, so it wouldn’t be hard to find. If you have a Portcrystal placed at the Checkpoint Rest Town, you can also travel to it quickly using the Ferrystone. You must select the “Buy” option at his store and find One The Transference of Souls 2, which costs you 2000 G.

Once you have the book, keeping his wife’s request in mind, you should select the Request a forgery option and select the grimoire. The forgery will cost you 2400 Gold, more than the original, but it is worth it.

Skip two days and revisit Ibrahim to get the option to Take forgery. Select it, and you will receive the original tome and the forgery. The fake one is called On The Transit of Souls 2, so you can easily identify it.

Now, you must travel to Isaac again and deliver him the Grimoire. Since Bakbattahl doesn’t have a portcrystal of its own, it is advisable you should put one there the first time you visit the city. That way, you can use a ferrystone and give Isaac the grimoire as soon as possible.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Short-Sighted Ambition endings

The Short-Sighted Ambition quest has two endings in Dragon’s Dogma 2: good and bad. If you proceed with the quest as you are supposed to and give Isaac the original On the Transference of Souls 2, you will witness the bad ending.

What happens if you give Isaac the original On The Transference of Souls 2?

Isaac will take you to his room, where he will cast the spell. Because of the original Grimoire, he will end up killing his family. After this, Isaac sets out on a journey to find his family again.

Though it is a bad ending, it opens up the path to one of the good endings for Off the Pilfered Path quest. Since Isaac’s family is dead, you can ask Hugo to go to Isaac’s Wares and work at the shop as an honest worker and abandon a life of crime.

You will only get 3000 XP for giving Isaac the original On The Transference of Souls 2, but you can collect a Ring of Disfavor from his wife’s body.

What happens if you give Isaac the fake On the Transit of Souls 2?

Give Isaac the forgery, On the Transit of Souls 2 in Dragon’s Dogma 2, if you want a good ending to Short-Sighted Ambition. If you do this, nothing will happen when he tries to cast a spell, and he believes it is too good to be true that a simple magic grimoire could make his family rich.

This way, you will receive a reward of 16000 G and 3000 XP. I would recommend giving Isaac the fake book in Short-Sighted Ambition. Not only do you get better rewards, but you also don’t contribute to the death of Isaac’s wife and daughter.

There are multiple reasons behind this choice. Firstly, you can always complete the Off the Pilfered Path quest by completing Every Rose Has Its Thorn quest.

Another reason is that if you wait a day and return to Isaac’s Wares, you will be able to purchase On the Transference of Souls 1 from him for 2000G. Now, you can combine both parts of the grimoire to gain a spellbook that allows you to cast the Celestial Paean Mage spell. However, keep in mind that, unlike the Mage Maister skill, this version of Celestial Paean can only be used once, and the book is consumed after that.

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