Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Veil of Gossamer Clouds: Investigate the Letter

Investigate the Unfinished Letter and report back to Sven.

A Veil of Gossamer Clouds is a quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you can trigger by talking to Sven in his chambers after completing quests for Brant. After completing the A Feast of Deception quest and getting the Beastren Border Entry Permit, an NPC, Mosse will approach you while you are in Vernworth and tell you that Sven wishes to talk to you.

You have already visited Sven in the Ornate Box quest, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to locate him in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


Sometimes, it is possible that Mosse only approaches you once you have entered Battahl through the Checkpoint Rest Town gate and then returned to Vernworth. Whatever the case may be, A Veil of Gossamer Clouds can’t be started before being invited to Sven’s Chambers.

To find Sven’s chambers, you will need to head to Vernworth Castle and enter The Guardhouse. Once you enter it, move through the other door and turn right. Here, you will see a staircase going up in the distance.  

Take these stairs to go up, and then you will need to move straight to the end. You will find the door on the left that will take you to Sven’s Chambers. Inside, you will find Sven ready to talk. He will tell you about an unfinished Letter by Queen Disa to Phaesus.

This will start the quest, but you don’t get the information on where to go. There is nothing to worry about, and I will help you complete this quest quickly.


Sven’s Chambers are on 2F of Castle Vernworth, and you can also reach this place by going through The Guardhouse into the Audience Chamber (the throne room) and then taking the spiral stairs up. Follow the hallways to reach Sven’s room.

How to investigate the letter in A Veil of Gossamer Clouds

To complete this quest, you will need to investigate the letter and report back. If you don’t know where to go or how to get the clues, you can visit Magistrate Waldahr. You helped him escape the jail during the Caged Magistrate quest.

You can find him in a place with plenty of tomes or jail if you fail to find the place. He will give you the needed information, but this is optional, and you can skip it. You will need to travel to Bakbattahl.

If you have already entered the region of Battahl, it will not be that difficult for you, as you know what to do. If it is your first time, don’t worry; I will help you. To get there quickly, head to the West Vernworth Oxcart Station and take the Oxcart, which will take you to Checkpoint Rest Town in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Once you get there, you must head to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store to buy the Beastren Mask if you are playing as a human. If you have the Battahl Residence Permit, you can get it by purchasing a house in Bakbattahl or getting it as a reward from Menella; you will not need the mask. You can also gain entry into Battahl through the Beastern Border Entry Permit.

Pick up the Letter to Lord Phaesus from Forbidden Magick Research Lab

The Forbidden Magick Research Lab is where you will find further clues about the letter Sven showed you. Once in Bakbattahl, make your way to the Forbidden Magick Research Lab by passing through the Mercantile Ward, past the Oxcart station.


The lab is actually underneath the Flamebearer Palace, so once you enter the Palace, turn left and then take the stairs to go down.

If the entry through the Palace seems inaccessible, you can try to sneak in through a back entrance shown on the map below.

You must travel a little east from Bakbattahl towards the location marked on the map. Once you get here, you will find a bridge that will take you inside the Forbidden Magick Lab underneath the Flamebearer Palace. Move straight inside, and you will find a Dragon statue.

Move around the statue to start a cutscene where you can listen to two NPCs discussing a secret Letter from Vermund. As the cutscene ends, the NPCs will leave the room, Laboratorium Workshop #2, and you can go ahead and enter it to collect the letter to Phaesus from the table.

Report Back to Sven

Now, all you will need to do is head back to the Oxcart station and travel to Checkpoint Rest Town. From there, take the Oxcart again and travel to Vernworth.


Since there is already a Portcrystal in Vernworth, you can place another one in Bakbattahl and fast-travel between these two cities using Ferrystones.

You will need to travel again to Sven’s chamber in Vernworth Castle and show him the letter you found in the lab. Delivering the letter will start a cutscene, and this will complete the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

For completing this quest, you will receive a Ferrystone that allows you to fast travel, 20000 Gold, and 4000 XP.

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