Disney Dreamlight Valley: Lost Loves And Missing Memories Quest Guide

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the ‘Lost Loves and Missing Memories’ is a mini-quest in which your task is to help out Anna to find Kristoff’s old gear and repair it as well.

In this guide, we have the complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost Loves and Missing Memories Quest Guide walkthrough for you.

To start this mini-quest, go and talk to Anna on Dazzle Beach and keep listening to her conversation. A conversation between her and Kristoff will occur as well and when that finishes, talk to Anna again. She will ask for help to find Kristoff’s climbing gear as it may help him remember their love.

Make your way to the beach and head to the area where you first meet Ursula in Dreamlight Valley. You will find the gear outside the cave there. Pick the gear and take it to Anna. The Climbing gear will be in bad shape and Anna will ask you to help fix it.

To fix the Climbing Gear, you will need the following materials.

  • 8x Hardwood
  • 5x Fabric
  • 3x Rope
  • 3x Iron Ingots

Hardwood can easily be obtained by chopping trees in Forgotten Lands, and Sunlit Plateau among other areas. Fabric can be crafted and requires 1x cotton for each. Rope requires 8x fibers each to be crafted and Iron Ingots can be smelted using 5x Iron ore and 1x Coal.

Once you have obtained all the materials, make your way to the Crafting Station to repair the climbing gear. Once it is repaired, take it to Anna and give it to her. Another conversation will take place between Anna and Kristoff. Once it is done, talk to her to finish Lost Loves and Missing Memories quest.

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