Diablo 4 Physical And Non-Physical Damage Explained

What exactly is the non-physical damage type in Diablo 4 and how does it compare to your regular physical damage?

When it comes to improving (or increasing) your overall damage output in Diablo 4, it is important to understand that there are two types: physical and non-physical damage.

The former is pretty literal and easy to understand but you might be wondering what exactly non-physical damage is in Diablo 4. That and what types of damage are categorized as non-physical, what weapons you need, skills, etc.

Knowing the difference between both of them is also going to allow you to improve your defense since not all enemies do physical damage.

Understanding Physical Damage in Diablo 4

Physical Damage is roughly the default type of damage in Diablo 4 that is dealt by melee weapons and most of the ranged weapons as well. Any direct strike with such weapons results in Physical Damage.

In addition to that, Bleeding Damage is also considered Physical Damage. All other types of damage are Non-Physical.

Physical Damage is also considered as the parameter to measure the quality of a weapon. The greater Physical Damage a melee or ranged weapon deals, the better it is ranked.


The Armor stat shows negation against Physical damage. A good armor stat means you have greater protection against Physical Damage dealt by your enemies.

If focused on the Physical Damage in Diablo 4, the Barbarian class is considered the best. Taking into account the extensive AoE attacks, diverse melee weapons, and the special Arsenal System, the Barbarian class peaks in terms of Physical Damage.

Understanding Non-Physical Damage in Diablo 4

As the name suggests, any type of damage that is not considered Physical is listed under the Non-Physical Damage category. It includes the three Elemental Damage types i.e. Lightning Damage, Cold Damage, and Fire Damage. Two other types, Poison Damage, and Shadow Damage, are also included in the Non-Physical category.

Out of all Non-Physical Damage types, Lightning Damage works over the widest range. Lightning Storm skill deals considerable Lightning damage and belongs to the Druid class.  

Fire Damage is a type of elemental damage that is dealt by producing flames and burning your enemies. It is known for its consistency and predictability. The Fireball skill is a core Sorcerer skill that can be used to conjure a huge ball of fire at your enemies.  

Cold damage is also a type of Elemental Damage that freezes or chills the enemy. This type of Non-Physical damage is not notable in taking down an enemy but it is quite effective in crowd control due to the slowing and freezing effects. The Frozen Orb Skill of the Sorcerer Class is known for its Cold Damage.

Poison damage is mostly dealt over time by using toxins, acids, and venoms. The Poison Imbuement skill of the Rogue class is used to infuse your weapon with a deadly poison and deal this type of Non-Physical Damage.

Shadow Damage is a type of Non-Physical Damage that is exclusive to the Rogue and Necromancer Class. Depicted by a purple glow, this damage type is mostly dealt by imbuing weapons with cursed oils.

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