Diablo 4 Status Buffs And Debuffs Guide

Status buffs and debuffs, also known as status effects in Diablo 4, are special conditions that apply both to the...

Status buffs and debuffs, also known as status effects in Diablo 4, are special conditions that apply both to the players and enemies. These special effects in Diablo 4 can only be invoked by using items, skills or attacks. Some of the buffs and debuffs in Diablo 4 are dual-edged swords as they can decrease one characteristic while enhancing the other.

Keep in mind that status effects are different from Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4 but they essentially work similar in one way or another, improving or decreasing combat performance.

Diablo 4 status effects

Status buffs and debuffs in Diablo 4 can be found on the items or skills menu screen (to which they are associated with). They can be selected to see which other skills or items make use of that particular buff or debuff in Diablo 4.

Here is a complete breakdown of all the status effects aka buffs/debuffs in Diablo 4. These effects can be used to your advantage to gain an upper hand in an otherwise unfavorable situation


Barrier buff provides the character with a shield that can absorb a certain amount of damage from all kinds of attacks (depending on the level and gear).


Berserk buff provides the player with 25% more attack power (damage output) and 30% more movement speed for around 5 seconds.


Bleed buff causes bleeding enemies to receive extra damage over time. The amount of damage depends upon the attack power of the weapon used (fixed percentage). Bleed buff stacks with other similar buffs.


Burning buff adds fire status to enemies with each attack. Once put in the state of burning, this buff inflicts fire damage to those enemies over a certain period of time (depending on the source).


Chill is a crowd-control effect in Diablo 4. Enemies hit with chilled usually have reduced movement speed, and they become frozen (immobile) if you keep hitting them with the chilled status effect. The duration of frozen depends on the source.


Darkness status effect causes the affected enemies or players to have reduced visibility and no control over their skills for a certain time period.


Enemies or players hit with the Dazed status effect can’t attack or use skills until it wears off. However, they can move freely at will.


Fear status effect makes the enemies run away from the players and lose control. If the players are hit with Fear status effect, they won’t have any control over their character and run away in a random direction until it wears off.


Fortify status buff makes the player take 10% less damage from all kinds of attacks. However, fortify status effect can only be activated once the amount of fortify is more than the player’s current HP.


Characters, including the player, hit with the Frozen status effect can’t move or attack. Frozen enemies can be shattered with further attacks (shattered enemies can’t be revived).


Enemies or players affected by the Immobilized status effect can’t move. However, they can still attack and use skills.


Players with immune buff are temporarily invincible against particular status effects.

Knock Back

Enemies that are hit by Knock Back status effect moves out of the range of melee attacks, hence preventing the player from taking any damage during their turn (this is a crowd control ability).

Knock Down

Players or enemies that are Knocked Down can’t attack or move until they fully stand up.


Overpower status effect adds bonus damage to players’ attacks. This status effect depends on the sum of players’ current HP and their Fortified value.


Enemies or players that are pulled moves into the melee attack range of this status effect caster.


Enemies or players inflicted with Slow status effect have reduced movement speed for a particular time period (depending on the source).


Stealth buff makes the players invisible to enemies’ eyes. However, attacking an enemy or taking any damage instantly removes the stealth buff.


Enemies or players that are stunned can’t move. In addition to being immobile, they can’t attack or use any skills in the stunned state.


Players or enemies that are hit by tethered debuff are restricted to a particular area. They can move, attack or use skills but can’t leave the tethered area for a specific time duration (depending on the source).


The Unstoppable status effect removes all the debuffs (crowd control) from the players. It also makes the players invulnerable to all Crowd Control debuffs for a particular time period.


Vulnerable status debuff makes the affected take 20% more damage from all kinds of attacks.


Enemies receive automatic damage if they try to hit the players with the Thorn status effect enabled.

Critical Strike Chance

A chance for all the offensive buffs to deal 50% more damage These are all the status effects (buffs/debuffs) in Diablo 4 that we have come across.

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