Diablo 4 Necromancer Unique Items Guide

You need the best Necromancer unique items to compliment your Book of the Dead minions in Diablo 4, or else die in your dungeon runs.

There are class-exclusive unique items to make use of in the new Diablo game. In the case of the Necromancer, your minions and undead army will need you to have the right unique items for your endgame dungeons in Diablo 4.

Take note that unique items are locked behind World Tier 3 difficulty in Diablo 4. What that means is that you need to first unlock Nightmare difficulty by reaching level 50 and beating the Capstone dungeon.

Then increase your World Tier difficulty and start doing dungeon to see your Necromancer unique items drop in Diablo 4.

The following is a list of all unique items (weapons and armor) that you can possibly hope to loot for a Necromancer in Diablo 4.

Black River (unique weapon)

This weapon is a one-handed Scythe exclusive to Necromancers. This weapon has a fast attack speed but low damage per hit. This Scythe can amplify the Corpse Explosion by increasing its radius and damage. But this increase causes the consumption of an extra corpse.

This weapon is exceptional when used in builds that aim to increase the effects of corpse consumption.


‍Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (unique armor)

This is unique chest armor that provides a decent 875 Armor points. This Armor can spawn Bone Spirits on picking up blood orbs. Bone Spirits are essentially walking bombs that can deal massive amounts of damage. This effect takes place after picking up 5 to 10 Blood orbs.

This item can be used to increase the AOE attack capability of any build.

‍‍Bloodless Scream (unique weapon)

This is a unique two-handed Scythe for the Necromancer class with an exceptionally high DPS. This weapon is exceptional at dealing with chilled enemies as it deals extra damage to them while also generating essence on lucky hits against them.

This weapon is perfect for buildings that aim to counter frozen enemies.  

‍Deathless Visage (unique armor)

A unique helmet that provides 625 armor points. It modifies the Bone Spear skill. With this helmet equipped, a Bone Spear travels it leaves behind pulses. This means all the enemies that happen to be around the trajectory of this projectile will get damaged. These pulses deal 210-294 damage.  

This helmet is a necessity if you plan to use the Bone Spear skill in your build as it added an AOE effect to the traveling spear that increases item damage output substantially.

‍Deathspeaker’s Pendant (unique armor)

This amulet modifies the basic skill Blood Surge. Whenever Blood Surge is cast, all of your summoned minions will cast a blood surge of their own that can deal 84-126 damage.  

This amulet also has an Overpower Damage affix that can increase your damage output by 13.5-24% making this amulet a good option for offensive builds.

‍Greaves of the Empty Tomb (unique armor)

These are unique boots that provide +1 evade charge. Its unique effect buffs the basic skill called Sever by reducing its essence cost. Moreover, with these boots, you no longer must walk to create the desecrated ground. Instead, desecrated ground is created below the spectator you summon using Sever.

These are essential parts of the builds that focus on Sever. You can spam the Sever skill a lot due to the reduced essence cost while also creating a lot of desecrated ground.

‍Howl from Below (unique armor)

These are exclusive gloves that provide 250 Armor points. These will modify your Corpse Explosion Skill. When equipped, the Corpse Explosion skill will summon a volatile skeleton instead of simply exploding a corpse. These skeletons will run toward the enemies and self-destruct with an explosion that can deal 30-40% more damage than the normal corpse explosion.

These gloves are suitable for luck-based builds as the lucky hit can stun the enemies. This can help you combo another ability with Corpse Explosion.

‍Ring of Mendeln (unique armor)

It is a unique ring that relies heavily on lucky hits to deal a lot of damage. With this ring equipped, your minions have a 10% chance of becoming empowered. This gives them the ability to cause an explosion with their next attack which can deal a lot of physical damage. There is one condition for this; you must have more than 6 minions summoned.  

With this ring, you can add an extra offensive element to your summon-based builds.

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