Diablo 4 Unique Boots Guide

There are up to four unique boots to find for your mobility needs in Diablo 4, only one of which is non-class exclusive.

The Unique Boots are an important part of your build, as these items provide you with distinctive features like increasing your movement speed to boost your performance in Diablo 4.

Unlike the regular boots, these Unique Boots are really hard to come by as you will have to and once you pair them with your respective build you will be able to note significant improvement in your builds stats as well in Diablo 4.

Here, we have listed all the Unique Boots that you can salvage in Diablo 4.

100,0000 Steps (Barbarian)

The 100,0000 Steps are a pair of unique boots that are suited for the Barbarian builds in Diablo 4. Compared to the rest of the unique boots in their category they offer your build a core stat in terms of dexterity.

Moreover, these unique boots increase the damage you deliver on your enemies while swapping weapons in Diablo 4.

This damage is further amplified when it comes to dealing with stunned monsters as well. In addition, your ranks to Ground Stomp are also enhanced in Diablo 4.

Coming to the special aspect of the 100,0000 Steps in Diablo 4, you can muster the final damage bonus from a particular (key passive). This is known as the Walking Arsenal in Diablo 4.

Once engaged you will be able to cast Ground Stomp along with gaining a certain amount of Fury (50) as well for a relatively short period of time (30 sec).

Esu’s Heirloom (Sorcerer)

Esu’s Heirloom is a Unique boot that can increase your movement speed significantly for a small duration in Diablo 4. In terms of armor capabilities, this Unique Boot provides (250) armor protection.

As mentioned earlier the main highlight of this Unique Boot is its tendency to increase the movement speed for your Sorcerer build which, it does by 30 percent in Diablo 4.

However, compared to that it offers a small Shrine Buff duration of 3 to 6) percent. You also get a Slow Duration Reduction for these unique boots so you can take your time in planning your evasion strategies before dealing with the enemies quickly in Diablo 4.

On the other hand, the movement speed increases to 10 percent and this percentage goes even high to 16 percent once you net yourself an elite enemy kill in Diablo 4.

Moving onto the main highlight for the Esu’s Heirloom, your critical strike chance goes up significantly to 25 percent as a result of your movement speed bonus in Diablo 4. This allows you to move more quickly giving you an upper hand over all kinds of enemies in Diablo 4.

So to acquire Esu’s heirloom, you will have to spend your time in WT3 and WT4 and grind yourself through those Nightmare and Torment Difficulties in Diablo 4. This way you will get these Unique Boots as random drops in Diablo 4.

Greaves of the Empty Tomb (Necromancer)

These are a pair of ancestral unique boots that you can salvage in Diablo 4. So if you are aiming for a Necromancer build then the Greaves of the Empty Tomb should be your top priority.

These Unique Shoes offer armor protection of 392 along with additional 36 percent intelligence in Diablo 4. Moreover, you also get a small percentage of increase in Essence Cost Reduction.

Furthermore, when you are equipped with these ancestral boots you get a lucky hit chance with shadow damage (e.g. Sever) raging between 4 to 10 percent in Diablo 4.

Lastly, the Damage reduction also tends to increase from those particular enemies that come in contact with your shadow damage during the course of Battle in Diablo 4.

Moving on to the special aspect of Greaves of the Empty Tomb, you can create desecrated ground covering a larger radius beneath your Sever Specters.

This way you can damage enemies at long range and instill a shadow damage of 352 for a short period in Diablo 4.

Penitent Greaves (General)

These Penitent Greaves are those unique boots that have the same movement speed stats when it comes to Evade Grants as those for Esu’s Heirloom in Diablo 4.

Your movement speed in these unique boots is increased and you also get a small percentage of crowd control duration as well. Similarly, the Slow Duration Reduction for the Penitent Greaves is good for those PVP setups in Diablo 4.

Lastly, the main highlight of this unique pair of boots is the high percentage of Cold Resistance (which goes up to 28 percent) that you get by equipping these specific boots to your build in Diablo 4.

The special ability for these unique boots kicks in as soon as you leave a town in Diablo 4. This comes in the form of a chilling effect that leaves a trail on the ground and it basically follows you around wherever you go.

So as a Melee character, this can be extremely useful as you can deal a significant percentage (10) of damage to those enemies who are already frozen in Diablo 4.

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