How To Get To Uhl Palace Ruins In Elden Ring

Home to Malformed Star Boss, Uhl Palace Ruins is a place in Elden Ring situated underneath the Ainsel River.

Home to Malformed Star Boss, Uhl Palace Ruins is a place in Elden Ring situated underneath the Ainsel River.

If Tarnished gets successful in locating this place, he will get his hands on some of the precious items such as Celestial Dew, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and a Stonesword Key.

Uhl Palace Ruins location in Elden Ring

In terms of geographical position, the Uhl Palace Ruins share the same place on the map as the Ainsel River. The only difference is that Uhl Palace Ruins is located underground on the Ainsel River.

Uhl Palace Ruins has two parts: South and North. Each part has a separate elevator that you can take down into the Ainsel River.

Uhl Palace Ruins entrance locations in Elden Ring

Starting with the first entrance in the south of the map as marked on the image above, you need to make your way to the Ainsel River Well Depth Site of Grace. Once there, you can reach the southern Uhl Palace Ruins entrance in Elden Ring by heading southwest.

For the northern entrance, you need to head south from the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace. As a reference, tarnished will reach the entrance after entering the Renna’s Rise.

What to do at Uhl Palace Ruins in Elden Ring

Defeat the Malformed Star boss

Just like any other region in Elden Ring, Uhl Palace Ruins also has its own boss named Malformed Star. To get to the boss fight arena, you need to head towards the Ainsel River Downstream Site of Grace.

The strategy for defeating the Malformed Star boss is very simple as it just involves firing arrows at him using Great Bow. Once the boss has received a couple of arrows, you will get a guaranteed Critical Hit.

Repeating the same strategy, you will defeat the Malformed Star boss in no time. As a reward, you will get 8000 Runes and Somber Smithing Stone 7.

Buy cookbooks from the Hermit Merchant

If you travel to the east of the Ainsel River Site of Grace, you will come across a Hermit Merchant inside the temple. Interacting with the merchant will allow you to buy Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [16] and Perfumer’s Cookbook [4].

Find the Wing of Astel

If you travel to the south side of the Uhl Palace Ruins, you can also get the Wing of Astel from a Treasure Chest. For that, you need to travel Northbound alongside the Ainsel River.

Upon traveling further, you will come across the ladder near the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace. From there, you need to climb the right wall and drop down the ledge where you will come across the Wing of Atel in a Treasure Chest at the end of the walkway.

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