How To Create A Character In UFC 4 Character Creation?

As you start UFC 4, you will create your character in character creation. This guide will walk you through the important steps.

After starting EA Sports UFC 4, the first task is to customize your fighter type. Initially, you will have five archetypes to choose from for your fighter. Each archetype has a base perk that would work for your playstyle.

This guide will provide you with detailed information on the new character creation process, fighter types, their stats, skills, and clothing items so you can create a fighter that suits your fighting styles and take on the competition for winning.

UFC 4 character creation has brought new features and new ways to customize your fighter. Select your character’s fighting style, and prepare to fight in the big leagues!

Select A Fighter Type

In EA Sports UFC 4, there are five fighter types to choose from when creating your character: Kickboxer, Boxer, Balanced, Wrestler, and Jiu-Jitsu. Each fighter type has its base perk and a unique distribution of stars in stand-up, grappling, and health categories. Here’s a breakdown of each fighter type:


UFC 4 Character Creation kickboxer

As the name would imply, a Kickboxer character class will be more efficient and faster when kicking. This character has well-rounded stats between health and striking.

Base Perk: Crazy Legs (Roundhouse and Switch Kicks are faster and more accurate).

  • Stand-Up (2-Stars)
  • Grappling (1-Star)
  • Health (2-Stars)


As a Boxer, you have much greater body strength. Thanks to your Marathoner perk, you’ll consume less stamina while moving. A boxer has similar stats to a kickboxer but with a focus on punching techniques.

Base Perk: Laser Focus (Straight, Superman, and Spinning Punches are faster and more accurate)

  • Stand-Up (2-Stars)
  • Grappling (1-Star)
  • Health (2-Stars)


UFC 4 Character Creation balanced

Most of your fighter techniques are the same as the Kickboxer. You also acquire more proficiency where both the Boxer and the Kickboxer may fall short.

However, starting with this class, you’ll be much more flexible with which direction you may want to go if you haven’t decided on your play style entirely.

Base Perk: Marathoner (fighting consumes less stamina consumed while moving)

  • Stand-Up (1-Stars)
  • Grappling (1-Star)
  • Health (3-Stars)


UFC 4 Character Creation wrestler

Wrestlers have better grappling stats compared to the other classes. But you’re also the weakest when it comes to lower body strength.

Base Perk: Grinder (Grappling on the feet consumes less stamina)

  • Stand-Up (1-Star)
  • Grappling (2.5-Stars)
  • Health (1-Star)


Jui-Jitsu has improved defense and better grappling skills like a wrestler, albeit with much more decent stats in the health area.

Base Perk: Crafty (Improved submission defense while grappling on feet)

  • Stand-Up (1-Star)
  • Grappling (2.5-Stars)
  • Health (1.5-Stars)

Fighting Moves

Depending on your fighting style, you’ll get combos and a move list unique to that style.

Strikes will mostly be the same; however, each move will have different strengths depending on your character’s attributes.

Other Customization Features

Other features for your fighter are mostly aesthetic. You can customize your character’s looks, age, and hometown. In the general info section, you can customize their name, social media handle, posture, etc.

You can select several presets for your character. Select one, and change any of the presets’ features that you might not like. There are many hairstyles and body types to select from.

Once done, head into the game and climb the ladder to become the best fighter UFC 4 has ever seen!

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