Diablo 4 Druid Leveling Guide

Druid class leveling in Diablo 4 can give a lot of bonuses, such as more valuable loot, experience, and much more. If you're an amateur ...

Druid class leveling in Diablo 4 can give a lot of bonuses, such as more valuable loot, experience, and much more. If you’re an amateur, we don’t quite recommend that you take this class as it is for much more experienced players.

But if you plan on taking this route, this guide is the perfect place to be. The Druid Class in D4 has some exciting skills. These skills can help your character to Shapeshift, get help from nature, and even summon animals to the rescue.

Along with all these bonuses, the skills you choose for active usage can significantly help you level up through the ranks.

Tips for leveling up Druid in Diablo 4

The Druid Class isn’t perfect in any way whatsoever. It has its strengths and its weaknesses. In some areas, it may excel over other Classes, but it also has some lacking areas. We have tried consulting with some Druid users to understand better and give you a complete guide on leveling up faster.

The Basic Skills of the Druid class have earned a place in the skill tree for knowing to produce Spirit. We recommend using the Storm Strike with the Enhanced Storm Strike as it is the best among the Basic Skills due to 25% reduced Damage.

Have a regular checkup at the Jeweler and the Blacksmith to salvage unwanted items in Diablo 4. This can be fruitful as you will have more resources and slots to strengthen your armor.


Clear out Dungeons as most as you can but not too much. It can confuse the main storyline, and you must backtrack your Dungeon Clearing path. Clearing out Dungeons can result in Legendary Aspects being rewarded.

This can sometimes prove excellent, especially when you have an underdeveloped rank. The aspects can increase the damage you cause using your skills by an enormous amount. For example, the Shepherd’s Offensive Aspect can allow you to have an increased damage percentage with your companion attacks.

Or Debilitating Roar in Diablo 4 can result in more excellent Spirit production with the Aspect of Umbral. Druid Spirit Boons in D4 can also be unlocked in Scosglen. They can be a great way to tackle enemies as they produce Passive abilities giving your skills extra powers or even giving debuffs to your enemies.

Druid leveling strengths

Druid users have mixed feelings on this topic. According to some, leveling up on a druid can be very hard, especially since the announcement was made from Blizzard stating that Druid was more of an endgame character.

This statement means that the real power of a druid can only be seen after leveling up to a certain level.

Excellent Survival: It is safe to say that Druids have been given an incredible number of defensive skills and aspects. Most defensive skills are overkill as they give you Life Regeneration or Fortify with every skill.

Overpower: The use of their Overpower ability is also great. Having Overpower active can significantly increase the damage given by other skills.

Access to builds: The Druid class in D4 is adjustable in almost every way imaginable. So you can let your imagination run wild with your build. There are no wrong answers but on the battlefield.

Synergy between Legendary Aspects: Legendary aspects go hand-in-hand with the Druid Skills. Having a legendary aspect on board can potentially mean having a skill with steroids on board.

Druid leveling weaknesses

As much as we love the upgrades added to this class, some of its characteristics were also weakened. Here are some of the profound problems within this class;

Poor Immobility: The mobility we knew in the Druid class in the Diablo saga is gone. Especially for the Werebear, its movement speed is very slow compared to other games in the Diablo series.

Hard to Master: This is harder to master than any other. Only a seasoned veteran of this series can tell when to attack with what ability. This class’s skills can take time to understand as well.

Dependent on Gear/ Legendary Aspects: Believe it or not, the Druid Class in Diablo 4 is much more dependent on gear. And even more so on Legendary Aspects. Legendary Aspects give an unnatural boost to the otherwise low-damage skills.

Position Dependent: Druids being unnecessarily slow are also position dependent. You will most likely suffer if you don’t have a good position in a fight.

Spirit Regeneration: Spirit Regeneration is a real problem in Druid leveling in D4. The developers tried to tackle this issue by giving skills that regenerate Spirit, but we are yet to see when it gets better- especially early on in the game, having a low level.

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