Diablo 4 Barbarian Leveling Guide

The Barbarians class in Diablo 4 has some unique abilities and gears, but leveling it up in the game's early stages is not easy ...

The Barbarians class in Diablo 4 has some unique abilities and gears, but leveling it up in the game’s early stages is not easy. Barbarians in D4 is not a performance class in the game’s early stages due to some mechanical restrictions. So, you must put extra effort into the early game to level up the Barbarian class.

Tips for Leveling up Barbarian in Diablo 4

Any Barbarian build sucks at early games. So, playing them at the Adventurer level will help you level up faster. You can play on other World Tiers, but it will make leveling up slower.

Playing with any build is up to your decision, but it will be easier for you to level up faster in the Whirlwind build.

You should use Call of the Ancient Skill with almost every Barbarian build. Call of the Ancients allows you to regain Fury whenever you use it on a skill. Call of the Ancients is also an AoE skill. This will allow you to maintain your Whirlwind for a longer duration.

You can opt for passive skills but must not spend your skill point on every passive in Diablo 4. Only unlock those which will enhance your main skills so you can level up Barbarian faster in D4.

Use Weak Third Eye elixir to get a 5% boost in XP. Use Assault Elixir for increased Attack Damage and Precision Elixir to improve base Critical Strike. Also, during leveling up, you will need a lot of elixirs, which have resistance effects in D4.


You should always try to upgrade your Dual Slashing Weap before leveling up. Emeralds for Weapons, Ruby for Armor, and Skulls for Jewelry are the best gem choices for Barbarians.

For endgame activities after Level 50, you can play Nightmare Dungeons, Tree of Whispers, and Capstone Dungeon. But it is necessary to complete the main storyline first.

What skills to unlock for Barbarians

To utilize any barbarian build at its peak, you should unlock its skills in a planned manner. This will allow you to execute the skills and level up Barbarian faster in Diablo 4.

Below is a table showing the order in which you should unlock the skills from the Barbarian skill tree for ideal leveling in Diablo 4.

Unlock OrderSkillSkill Category
1Lunging Strike (rank 1)Basic
2Enhanced Lunging StrikeBasic
3Whirlwind (rank 5)Core
4Enhanced WhirlwindCore
5Furious WhirlwindCore
6Pressure PointCore
7Imposing Presence (rank 3)Defensive
8Rallying Cry (rank 5)Defensive
9Enhanced Rallying CryDefensive
10Tactical Rallying CryDefensive
11Booming Voice (rank 3)Brawling
12Swiftness (rank 3)Brawling
13Raid Leader (rank 3)Brawling
14Leap (rank 1)Brawling
15Enhanced LeapBrawling
16Power LeapBrawling
17Death Blow (rank 5)Weapon Mastery
18Enhanced Death BlowWeapon Mastery
19Fighter Death BlowWeapon Mastery
20Hamstring (rank 1)Weapon Mastery
21Pit Fighter (rank 1)Weapon Mastery
22No Mercy (rank 3) 
23Expose Vulnerability (rank 3)Weapon Mastery
24Call of the Ancients (rank 1)Ultimate
25Prime Call of the AncientsUltimate
26Supreme Call of the AncientsUltimate
27Wallop (rank 2)Ultimate
28Heavy Handed (rank 3)Ultimate
29Walking Arsenal (rank 1)Ultimate Passive

Barbarian leveling strengths

Barbarians gain a significant boost in attack power through Berserking. They mainly use two-handed weapons, which increases the frequency of attacks. The best attacking skill is the Death Blow.

Barbarians have excellent AoE attack damage, boosted by using the Call of the Ancient skill.
Barbarians are very bulky and resist many strong attacks, which prolongs their survival. All these make leveling up Barbarian in D4 a bit easy for you.

Barbarian leveling weaknesses

The most costly part of any Barbarian build is that it consumes a lot of Fury to pull out its attack. This will be very irritating, especially when multiple enemies surround you, and you must pull an instant attack.

Barbarians also have some very long cooldowns on gears. However, using the Bold Chieftain’s Resource can somewhat reduce this drawback. But it will be available in the late game, so you will have trouble leveling up early.

It also has lower Single Target Damages as they have increased frequency for their attacks. Barbarians also Lack Crowd Control.

How to pick Barbarian gear

Barbarians have long cooldowns and high Fury costs, so you should look for the gears accordingly. You can use the Aspect of Echoing Fury, generating up to 4 Fury per second while using Shout Skills. Barbarian’s unique class mechanic consists of the Arsenal system which allows them to weild Two-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Mace, and Two-Handed Swords.

You can choose any of them, but it would be better to use Two-handed Swords. Barbarians also have Weapon Mastery which will increase the stats of some of your weapon skills. Death Blow will be very crucial for any killing strike.

For Weapons, you can pick the Horned Cudgel of the Dire Whirlwind, a great two-handed pick for Barbarians, and it will significantly help you level up faster in D4.

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