How To Get Aspect Of Branching Volleys In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Branching Volleys is a Rogue-exclusive legendary aspect that buffs the Rogue's Barrage skill in Diablo 4.

Branching Volleys is one of the offensive aspects available for the Rogue Class. This aspect buffs the “Barrage” core skill that first a volley of 5 arrows on enemies. Each arrow has a slight chance of ricocheting off an enemy.

This aspect will allow you to split such ricocheting arrows into two arrows. This increases the potential damage that can deal with the barrage skill.

Applying this Legendary aspect on a two-handed weapon increases its effectiveness by 100%. Hence apply it on an H2 weapon for maximum effectiveness.

This is not the best aspect for rogue class when used with the base Barrage skill as the chance of an arrow ricocheting is low making this aspect useless in most situations. However, if you upgrade the Barrage skill to Enhanced Barrage, arrows will always ricochet.

Before applying this aspect to your weapon, make sure that you have Barrage unlocked from the marksman section in the Rogue Skill Tree.

Aspect of Branching Volleys location in Diablo 4

The map location of Aspect of Branching Volleys in Diablo 4

The Aspect of Branching Volleys can be found in the Shadowed Plunge dungeon in the southern section of the Hawezar region in Diablo 4.


It is located inside the Vyeresz Stronghold and is sandwiched between the borders of the Toxic Fens and Blightmarsh sub-region.

The Witchwater dungeon is in proximity to the Shadowed Plunge dungeon just a few clicks northeast.  

Aspect of Branching Volleys Builds in Diablo 4

This aspect is best used with the endgame Barrage Rogue build. This build utilizes skills that apply vulnerable to enemies and litter the arrows that can also ricochet to deal insane amounts of damage.

The main offensive skill for this build is barrage which is complimented by Puncture basic skill that grants us guaranteed vulnerable application.

With this aspect equipped, the arrows that you fire with the Barrage skill will essential multiple by two. Hence if you fire your barrage skill into a horde of enemies after using Puncture, you will be able to deal massive damage.

Another important part of this build is the passive skill “Precision”. This further buffed the critical strike damage for our barrage skill.

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