Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide

This Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs guide covers all the details you need to know about these gangs and their members ruling over the seedy underground of Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs

There are eight brutal gangs in Cyberpunk 2077 whom you want to keep an eye on. Once it’s dark, these gangs show their true colors in Night City and you’ll get to know them during your close encounters in V’s journey.

Night City is a tough place to live due to it being the home for Eight dangerous gangs.

Below are some of the criminal enterprises you’ll come across in Cyberpunk 2077.

6th Street

A gang established 50-years ago by American patriots for the sake of rescuing their community from the hands of the evil.

The 6th street came to being during the war between Militech and Arasaka. They took responsibility for protecting their people since the police couldn’t do their job.

They are in a dispute with The Latino gang Valentinos, taking over the Santo Domingo. Since they’re patriotic, they wear country flags around their camp and themselves.

Voodoo Boys

The most Advanced gang when it comes to High Tech. The Voodoo Boys are mostly under cover from the World.

Due to their netrunning nature, they hate NetWatch since this organization loves to prevent hackers from hacking into the data base.

Apart from the NetWatch, this gang also has a beef with the Animals.

The Voodoo Boys operate from the Pacifica District


Animals is the type of gang you don’t want to mess with. They are mean, aggressive and always get what they want. They are currently in a heated rivalry with the Voodoo Boys.

All this gang wants is physical superiority therefore, they use a combination of cyberware, animal supplements and drugs “the Juice” to boost their strength.

The animals run their rackets in the Pacifica District


Speaking of Cyberware, Maelstrom also want more and more of it. Just like Animals, this gang also wants to hit the peak when it comes to superiority.

However, they take it to the next level to the point where they suffer from cyberpsychosis due to the over dose of cyberware.

Maelstrom is located in the Watson District.

Tyger Claws

A Japanese gang in the Night City usually works outside Japantown. What makes this gang so dangerous is the fact that they rather prefer the usage of traditional weaponry than cybernetic implants.

The Tyger Claws gang run their business in the Westbrook District


After the strip club owner called Elizabeth Borden or Lizzie was killed by the Tyger Claws, the Moxes became an established gang mainly consisting of pimps, sex workers and outcasts.

These members are looking forward to killing their rivals and continuing the work of the owner which is to prevent the workers from being abused.

You’ll usually see the Moxes hanging around Kabuki


One of the most dangerous gangs, the Scavengers are scattered around the Night city. They deal in kidnapping citizens and taking out parts of their organs and cyberware.

This gang only cares about its profit and nothing else. A very ruthless gang to say the least. Scavengers can be found all over Night City


From Heywood, this Latino gang mostly found seducing women in the Night City. Their territory doesn’t go beyond the Night City therefore, their main rivals are the 6th Street.

This gang is really ordered as they have punishments assigned for any mishaps within the gang.

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