Core Keeper Bosses Guide

Core Keeper has only a few bosses as of now, but these bosses have their difficulty vamped up to 11. Here, we will have a quick look at all the bosses in Core Keeper with brief introductions and overviews for each one.

Core Keeper Bosses

Core Keeper, the new co-op survival sandbox game, has only 6 bosses in its early access version. These bosses present tough challenges and players need to be completely equipped to face them. Only three of these are main, while three of these are completely optional, but we know that you will want to defeat them.

Glurch the Abominous Mass

The first main boss is Glurch the Abominous Mass. Glurch is a huge blob of slime, and he does everything that you can expect from a huge slime monster. He jumps around, smashing rocks and even starts healing if you don’t damage him for some time. Other than this, his arena has slime puddles which deal additional damage.

He is quite straightforward to fight and all you need is consistency and the foresight to clear the slime in his arena to win. You can check out our guide on the boss for complete details on how to defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass.

Ghorm the Devourer

Ghorm is the second main boss in the game. Unlike Glursh, Ghorm is a huge worm that keeps on digging through the map and makes tunnels where he will keep on moving consistently. He doesn’t care about you trying to slay him at all and he will just wriggle through even if you attack him.

This is a problem as Ghorm’s mobility makes him hard to track. If you decide to follow him in the tunnel he made, guess what, he leaves slime behind to keep you from doing that. If you decide to wait at one spot to attack him every time he passes by, he will have healed by the time he comes around.

You need lots of traps to defeat Ghorm. To get complete details on how to defeat Ghorm the Devourer, you can check out our guide on Ghorm the Devourer.

Hive Mother

Closing the trio of nightmare-inducing main bosses, The Hive Mother, is a larva that is a huge blob of flesh spitting acid at you. Other than that, you need a Hive Mother beacon to find her in the first place.

The boss is passive and will not attack you unless you initiate the fight, but has a huge health bar and the acid that she spits will stay on the ground and make the fight more difficult as it drags on.

She is still the easiest of the three main bosses to defeat, and her fight is explained in our The Hive Mother Boss Fight guide.

Azeos the Sky Titan

We have stepped into the territory of optional bosses. The first is Azeos the Sky Titan. To get to this boss, you need to have defeated all the three main bosses and used their gems to power the core. Once you have completed all these tasks, a new biome is unlocked and here, you face Azeos the Sky Titan.

The titan uses crystals to heal himself during the fight, so not only do you have to attack and defend, but you also have to destroy the crystals to actually keep Azeos damaged long enough for you to kill him. You can learn how to get through Azeos the Sky Titan’s boss fight here.

Malugaz the Corrupted

You can find and face Malugaz after you have defeated Azeos the Sky Titan, in Azeos Wilderness. You need to find 10 crystal skull shards to even make a beacon to find Malugaz.

Malugaz has two phases. First, he will teleport around the map and throw fireballs that set the area on fire and limit your mobility. Once you deplete his first health bar, he will respawn and this time, Malugaz will dash around the arena and punch you. You will need to stay quick on your feet to avoid and retaliate.

Check out Malugaz Boss Fight guide for complete details on Malugaz’a abilities and how to defeat him.

Poisonous Ivy Mass

The last boss in the game found in Azeos Wilderness is also the hardest boss to find. You have zero aid to locate it and have to dig a lot in Azeos Wilderness until you stumble upon this boss.

Poisonous Ivy mass is another Slime monster boss and is similar to Glurch, but with the added twist of poison damage every time it or its slime puddles hit you. You can use items to negate Poisonous Ivy Mass’s poison but that is a whole new task on its own.

To learn more about Poisonous Ivy Mass, check out our guide on the boss here.

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