Core Keeper Ivy the Poisonous Mass Boss Guide

The following guide will help players find and defeat the optional but rewarding Ivy the Poisonous Mass in Core Keeper.

Ivy, the Poisonous Mass, is an optional boss that is well worth the effort because it drops the Poisonous Sickle, one of the best weapons in the game. The following guide will help players find and defeat Ivy the Poisonous Mass in Core Keeper.

Where to Find Ivy in Core Keeper

Ivy can be found in Azeos’ Wilderness. The biome is blocked by a magical wall that requires you to complete a set of tasks.

You must defeat three world bosses to gain access: Glurch, the Abominable Mass; Ghorm, the Devourer, and the Hive Mother. Place their gems inside their respective shrines and activate the Core to unlock Azeos’ Wilderness.

Unfortunately, Ivy does not have a fixed location. You’ll have to explore Azeos’ Wilderness to find the boss.

How to Defeat Ivy the Poisonous Mass Boss in Core Keeper

Ivy, the Poisonous Mass, is a challenging boss. You’ll firstly need the Grub Egg Necklace and the Larva Ring to reduce the slowing effects of her slime. You’ll also want to make some Hearty Pepper Wraps to keep your momentum going.

Furthermore, you can significantly improve your survivability by crafting Scarlet Armor and a Scarlet Sword. You’ll also require a ranged weapon, such as the Grubzooka.

Ivy is a huge slime whose main attack is to leap into the air and land on you. In addition to slowing you down, the pink slime in Ivy’s area is toxic, and stepping in it will limit your recovery rate by 75 percent for 30 seconds.

If you can discover a remedaisy necklace, which is occasionally dropped by toxic slimes, it will make you poison-resistant, which will help you combat Ivy.

Ivy has a secondary attack, which is to rain down slime around her, in addition to the leap. The slime’s landing sites are marked with red circles ahead of time, giving you a second or two to move before the attacks begin. Ivy will cease her jumps and snarl in response to the attack.

When Ivy’s health begins to deteriorate, she will no longer wait between leaps and will begin jumping considerably quicker.

To avoid being crushed, use whatever mobility booster goods or food you have on hand to manage Ivy before pounding away with a melee weapon when she lands. Dashing can also assist you in avoiding being pounced on and avoiding being caught in the line of her slime rain.

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