Core Keeper Glurch the Abominous Mass Boss Guide

Core Keeper features some truly fearsome bosses and the first boss that you will face in the game is Glurch the Abominous Mass. This guide will help you locate, understand and defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper.

How to Find Glurch the Abominous Mass

Glurch is the first boss in Core keeper that many players will come across as it spawns very close to the start of the game. The arena where you face the boss has smaller slime monsters as well as slime puddles that deal damage when you step into them. This makes the fight very frustrating.

To find Glurch, start digging a straight tunnel as soon as you begin until you start hearing a rhythmic thumping sound. When you start hearing this sound, dig tunnels to follow the sound.

If whilst digging you find a tunnel covered with slime, turn around as you have reached the lair of Ghorm. Try relocating the sound and following it. When you enter the arena, you can simply walk up to Glurch to begin the fight.

How to Defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

Let us break down the fight to see how to tackle Glurch in Core Keeper.

Glurch Attacks

Being a slime monster, Glurch has no major attacks. All he does is jump around the arena, but this simple attack becomes much more effective because the entire arena has small puddles of slimes, and if you step in these puddles, you take damage as well as are slowed down. This makes it risky to move around the arena.

Strategy for Glurch

Before you start the fight by approaching Glurch, widen out the area as much as you can. This allows you to have more room and spatial awareness so you don’t get caught in a place that will result in a death.

Use ranged weapons as they will allow you to position yourself at points from where you can quickly get away if Glurch gets too close. You won’t have to worry about slime puddles as much as you can even attack Glurch when he is across one of these puddles. If you do decide to use melee weapons, run back and forth and attack Glurch as soon as he hits the ground. Then, run away when he jumps to avoid taking damage.

Make sure you use proper gear. Glurch is not an easy boss even with a single move, and you need to be properly equipped to take him on. We recommend you use Copper armor, a Tin Sword and even some Crude Bombs. If you go with a ranged weapon, make sure you have a strong one and plenty of ammunition. Set traps before you start the fight and make sure you use these traps during the fight.

Lastly, prepare the arena. You can remove some of the slime with your shovel, so make sure you create spaces for you to move depending on your weapon. For ranged weapons, make paths that allow you to run away and relocate easily. For melee weapons, make large open spaces so you can move back and forth to attack Glurch.

And as an additional tip, do not retreat too back. Glurch will stop following you if you leave his aggro range and if he does, he will heal up, making the fight more difficult for you. Make sure you keep him on you at all times and attack periodically so the slime monster doesn’t heal.

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