Core Keeper Ghorm The Devourer Boss Guide

Core Keeper is a mining sandbox-type game where you can mine, build, fight, craft, and farm to discover the mysteries of the ancient core. This guide will cover all the details and strategies you need to know for defeating Ghorm the Devourer boss in Core Keeper.

Where to Find Ghorm the Devourer in Core Keeper

Ghorm the Devourer is one of Core Keeper’s primary bosses. And as his name suggests, he devours everything on his way, so it might prove hard to challenge him head-on.

This Core Keeper circles around the map clockwise, so finding him will not be hard enough, as he is a gigantic larva.

There will be orange slime on the ground due to him infinitely cycling around the map. So, follow the orange slime, and you’ll eventually find him.

How to Defeat Ghorm the Devourer in Core Keeper

There are multiple ways to fight against the unstoppable Core Keeper. You can either,

  • Do Ranged battle
  • Do Melee battle
  • Use Explosives
  • Use Traps

First of all, you need to check up on your equipment and supplies before you can catch up to Ghorm the Devourer.

Craft the Swift Ring as it will give you a 6.9 percent speed boost. It will not be much, but you will not lose its buff, unlike the consumables during the fight.

The next item you need is Swift Feather. It is a consumable that you will obtain in the boxes on the map. It gives a 200 percent speed boost and a dash which gives you an advantage over the boss, but the downside will be that it only lasts 4 seconds.

You can also cook Spicy Tulip Salad, which requires a Bomb Pepper and Glow Tulips to cook. It increases your movement speed by 21 percent for 1 min.

The next item will be the Slime Sword. To craft it, you have to defeat the Glurch the Abominous Mass.

After defeating him, you will be able to craft the sword at the core. The Slime Sword requires 8 Tin Bars, 8 Copper Bars, and 15 Slime.

The Slime Sword’s damage is moderate and barely has higher stats than the Tin Sword, but the Slime Sword has a unique effect that slows down the target’s movement by 41.1 percent for 4 seconds.

This sword and the consumables can help you catch up to the boss as the slime on the ground slows you down a bit.

Range Tactics

You will need at least 3 Slingshots or 2 Muskets to do range battle. You can catch up to him and shoot it at its hind once or twice and back off a bit, but remember, do not stray far away from him as the boss starts to regenerate if you get out of his range.

Keep repeating the process until he drops to 50 percent health. After he has half of his health, the boss will go into his second phase, where he starts chasing you down like a maniac.

Due to his gigantic size, it will be hard for him to rotate, and you can use that to your advantage and finish off the boss as quickly as you can.

Melee Tactics

You cannot just charge into the boss without any strategies, so we will be using The Slime Sword as our weapon of choice for this tactic.

The unique effect of this sword is that it slows down the target by 41.1 percent for 4 seconds.

You can just keep hitting him until he goes into his 2nd phase and hunts you down. In the 2nd phase, you have to use the range tactics to win easily.

Using Explosives

If you cannot defeat him, throw some bombs at his face. You need to craft some 30 or so bombs and just run ahead of the boss and keep throwing bombs at his face. That’s about it.

Using Traps

This is a double-edged strategy since it has a 50 percent chance of success against Ghorm. You have to craft 60 Spike Traps to finish the boss.

The boss completes the entirety of his rotation in almost 5 minutes. You need to throw the spike traps in his tracks and wait for them to eventually kill him.

But the boss can also destroy the traps since he is pretty good at mowing down everything in its path, so good luck with this one.

These are the Rewards you get for defeating Ghorm the Devourer,

  • Ghorm Chest
  • Ghorm’s Horn
  • Mysterious Idol
  • Ghorm’s Stomach Bag
  • Larva Ring
  • Larva Meat
  • Ancient Gemstone
  • Gold Ore
  • Fiber

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