Core Keeper Malugaz the Corrupted Boss Guide

Malugaz, the Corrupted, is one of the optional bosses and probably one of the most challenging encounters in Core Keeper. The following guide will explain how to find and defeat Malugaz in Core Keeper.

How to Farm Crystal Skull Shards in Core Keeper?

Malugaz has to be summoned in Core Keeper, meaning that players will not just find him through exploration alone. You’ll need a Crystal Skull to summon the boss that can be crafted with 10 Crystal Skull Shards. Gather the shards and place them in your hotbar before right-clicking the stack to create a Crystal Skull.

Now head to the Forgotten Runes and search for Malugaz’s throne room. There is unfortunately no scanner to help you in your search. You’ll have to find his arena on foot. The location however is generally in the Cavelings-infested underground fortress.

When you find the room, place the Crystal Skull on the summoning rune to summon Malugaz, the Corrupted.

How to Defeat Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper?

As already stated, Malugaz is a tough encounter. You’ll likely perish if you’re not equipped with the right gear and potions.

Malugaz has a lot of fire attacks that do burning damage over time. Hence, cook several Hearty Pepper Wraps and Mushy Berry Puddings for health regeneration and various buffs.

Remember to also pack a dozen health potions because even with good armor, you should be prepared to take a lot of damage.

Coming to weapons, you can choose from either melee or ranged combat, or a mix of both depending on your equipped weapons and stats.

Malugaz the Corrupted has two phases. In the first phase, he throws fireballs and randomly spawns lava bursts in the arena.

In the second phase, he reveals his flaming skull by removing his hood and switches to dashing punches that explode on impact. Each punch causes fire damage in a larger area compared to his phase-one lava summons.

Defeating Malugaz will net you the following items:

  • an Ancient Chest with 18 item slots.
  • an off-hand Blue Leather Tome with +21.6% range damage (part of the Skull set).
  • a Ritual dagger with 106-128 melee damage, 3.3 attacks per second, +2 glow, +6% critical hit chance, and +13% critical hit damage.
  • a Battle axe with 149-181 melee damage and 1.7 attacks per second.
  • a Gold bar for crafting.
  • a Blood skull.

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