Core Keeper Hive Mother Boss Guide

Fighting tricky bosses can be both annoying and engaging at the same time. Core Keeper has its fair share of tricky bosses. This Core Keeper Hive Mother Boss guide will look at strategies to defeat Hive Mother Boss in Core Keeper and discuss any pre-requisites it requires.

Where is the Hive Mother Located in Core Keeper

Hive Mother is the third boss you will encounter in Core Keeper. It can be tiresome if you try finding the boss without any help. If you have the Hive Mother Scanner, locating the boss becomes a lot easier.

You can get the Hive Mother Scanner by going to the Glurch Statue located at the core. You can get the Hive Mother Scanner for 5 Ancient Stones and 5 Mechanical Parts.

After obtaining the scanner and using it, the location of the Hive Mother will be marked with a red circle on the map. You can easily make your way to the indicated spot.

Recommended Items

The following items are recommended in the fight with the Hive Mother as they’ll give you a much-needed edge.

  • Iron Sword
  • Iron Shovel
  • Iron Armor
  • Healing Potion
  • Enrage Potion
  • Hearty Pepper Wrap

How to Defeat The Hive Mother in Core Keeper

Hive mother is one of the toughest bosses you will encounter early in the game. It can take a few attempts if you try all brawn and no brain approach. There is a simpler way to defeat the monster, but first, you need to understand its attacks.

The Hive Mother doesn’t engage in a battle unless you attack it first. So this is a great opportunity to take your time, Observe your surroundings and eliminate any threats that might meddle in your attacks during the fight.

Several Larva around the boss will hurt you if you step on them, so it’s better to clean them beforehand.

It is suggested to dig and widen the area around the hive mother to give you more room to move around. There are several small structures around the mother, and these are non-removable. These are the areas where mobs will emerge and attack you.

You can quickly damage the mob while it’s emerging to kill it, but sometimes it can be time-consuming and can hurt your overall attack strategy.

The best way to deal with them is by building a wooden box around the structure to prevent any enemy from leaving.

After taking care of everything in the surroundings, it is finally time to take care of the Hive Mother. Hive Mother is static and doesn’t move. Instead, it spits acid into the sky that will fall on top of you and cause damage.

You have to keep moving to dodge the acid. Once the acid falls on the floor, it covers that part of the floor, and every time you step on it, you take damage.

Start attacking the Hive Mother with the sword and keep moving in a circle around it to avoid getting hit by the acid attack as much as possible and as soon as the red marker appears on the ground indicating that an acid attack is coming at this location, move.

You can close the distance and inflict damage when the Hive Mother is not targeting you with Acid Attacks. Repeat the process, and victory shall be yours.

You receive the following items by defeating the Hive Mother.

  • Heart of The Hive Mother
  • Larva Meat
  • Cloth Ring
  • Ancient Gemstone
  • Fiber
  • Iron Ore

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