Core Keeper Azeos the Sky Titan Boss Guide

Azeos, the Sky Titan, is the fourth major boss players need to defeat in Core Keeper. The following guide will...

Azeos, the Sky Titan, is the fourth major boss players need to defeat in Core Keeper. The following guide will explain where to find and how to defeat Azeos the Sky Titan in Core Keeper.

How to Enter Azeos’ Wilderness

Azeos lies inside Azeos’ Wilderness, a biome that needs to be first unlocked. Begin by defeating the three world bosses: Glurch the Abominous Mass; Ghorm the Devourer, and The Hive Mother.

They will leave behind three gems that need to be placed inside their respective shrines before activating the Core. Interact with the Core afterward and you will gain access to Azeos’ Wilderness, a starting point for the endgame content.

Where to Summon Azeos in Core Keeper

You need an Azeos Scanner to locate the boss in its biome. Start by crafting the Ancient Hologram Pod from the Hive Mother statue in the Core.

Place the pod on the ground to spawn a hologram that sells two items: Azeos, the Sky Titan Scanner, and a Large Shiny Glimmering Object. You need to craft them both.

The materials needed to craft the scanner are five Ancient Gemstones, five Mechanical Parts, and ten Ancient Feathers that you can find easily find on the ground in Azeos’ Wilderness.

The scanner will tell you the location of the boss with a red circle on the map, and once you are there, you need to place the Shiny Glimmering Object. This egg-shaped item will summon the boss to begin the encounter.

How to Defeat Azeos the Sky Titan in Core Keeper

It would be best if you have Rune Song, Ancient Pickaxe, Scarlet Armor, Grub Egg Necklace, Copper Cross Necklace, Clot Ring, Caveling Mother’s Ring, and a few bombs when facing Azeos in the game. Also, pack Crunchy Mold Cheese, Hearty Pepper Wrap, and Guardian Potion for a much-needed edge.

Now head to the arena to prepare for the fight. There are some hollow spaces surrounding the arena. You need to build bridges in at least four of these areas. The more, the better.

Then you need to eat your food to prepare yourself for the fight. Drop the egg down, and the Titan will spawn.

The boss attacks with blue, light beams, that you need to avoid. These beams will take around forty percent of your health upon impact.

Azeos loves to create crystals that help recharge his health. You need to destroy these crystals with the help of Scarlet Pick Axe so that the boss cannot rejuvenate his health.

There are three types of thunder beams. Crossing beams that pass through each other parallel and perpendicular. Nova beams move towards and away from Azeos. Random beams form and move in unexpected directions.

Azeos also has the power to teleport itself around the map, so you need to keep that in mind while fighting.

Once you get hold of the dodging skill, you need to be patient and hit the Titan whenever you get the chance while also dodging his beams and destroying his crystals.

Defeating Azeos will net Soul of Azeos’, Ancient Gemstone, Gold Ore, Scarlett Ore, sky ring, and Broken Handle.

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