Company Of Heroes 3 Best Factions

Each Company of Heroes 3 factions has a unique playstyle so it can be difficult to choose the best which is why we are here to help.

With four different factions in the game, players are often confused about Company of Heroes 3 best faction. Each faction in Company of Heroes 3 has a unique skill, playstyle, and machinery. It is hard to choose the best one as all four are strong overall. By looking at each of their skills, units, and strategies, we have chosen the best Faction for most players in Company of Heroes 3.

All playable factions in Company of Heroes 3

As we mentioned above, there are four different factions in CoH 3. British and US Forces in the Allied side, and Wehrmacht and Afrikakorps are the Axis factions. This guide will give you an overview of each faction, the best Faction to go for, and the best strategy to utilize with that faction.

British Forces

The British Forces are not well-built in any area, but they are simpler to use than other factions in CoH3, as their upgrades are simple. They don’t need any improvement in any specific unit type. It is the best option if you are new to the game and know nothing about the upgrades.

US Forces

US Forces faction’s real strength comes from upgrading the infantry, vehicles, and air support. You can upgrade one per battle by looking at the opponent’s strategy on Company of Heroes 3. It comes with a risk, as you have one upgrade per battle. Because if an opponent chooses to counterattack your upgrade with a different strategy, you are doomed.


Afrikakorps in Company of Heroes 3 have heavier machinery like tanks and vehicles. The problem with this Faction is to attack early on without giving the opponent any chance to bounce back. With having the powerful attack than other factions, players are still defeated, just because they do not attack early on. You need to have the skill to perform this strategy effectively.  


Wehrmacht have the best defense than any other faction with a powerful attack. With this defense, almost no enemy will break through and weaken their forces in later stages. And also allow you to fight back and win the battle. Now let’s talk about which faction is the best in the game.

Company of Heroes 3 best faction

Keeping every Faction’s ability, upgrades, and playstyles in view, we have concluded that Wehrmacht is the best and finest faction in CoH 3. As they do not need to attack early on and have impressive upgrades. Before moving any further, let’s look at the Wehrmacht’s battlegroups.

Wehrmacht’s battlegroups

  • Mechanized: Together with sending heavy tanks and calling artillery, they oversee upgrading the vehicles and infantry.
  • Luftwaffe: They defend by creating anti-tank emplacements, calling air support, and para drop infantry.
  • Breakthrough: They are responsible for deciding the bombing runs, increasing the speed of vehicle production, and upgrading infantry.

By looking at other factions’ battlegroups, you may think; that they have more powerful attacks in the CoH3, so why is Wehrmacht the best Faction? Let us answer you because Wehrmacht has a best defense than any other Company of Heroes 3 Faction.

Why Wehrmacht is the best Faction?

You should have the best defense in the early stages because it is the first few minutes that decide the momentum of the battle. It would be best if you held your positions early, and when it seems like the opponent is losing momentum, shift the momentum on your side by sending recon vehicles and pioneer squads. 

This strategy will award you with resource points early in the battle. After this, there are two strategies you should use; the first strategy is to attack a mid-tier facility in CoH3. You can do this by sending your tanks. But it is not as effective as the other strategy in Company of Heroes 3.

The second strategy is to attack the Panzer Kompanie building as you have accumulated goods or materials. By conquering this building, you will get some heavier tanks (Strumpanzer tanks) and their efficient squad. 

It will weaken the opponent heavily because you have control of their heavier machinery. It will trigger the enemy, and they will start attacking your defenses. Make use of the mechanized battlegroup and deploy heavier tanks. 

The opponent will not break through this defense; eventually, you will win the battle. Strong guarding, gaining their resource points, and powerful machinery make the Wehrmacht the best and finest faction in the Company of Heroes 3. 

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