How to Capture Towns In Company of Heroes 3

You must capture more towns in the Company of Heroes 3 to increase your territories. To capture towns you need to weaken town defenses.

While capturing territories and resource points has always been a part of the Company of Heroes franchise, CoH 3 changes it up a bit with its new dynamic campaign. As part of the Italy campaign in Company of Heroes 3, players have to capture towns to secure their foothold in the region. But what’s confusing is how to capture towns in Company of Heroes 3. Well, the process is a lot simpler than you might realize.

How to capture towns in Italy campaign of Company of Heroes 3

The dynamic campaign mode of Company of Heroes 3 plays a lot as you would expect from a Grand Strategy game or 4x like Civilization. The map of Italy is filled with various towns and locations and to ensure victory in this Italian campaign, players have to capture more and more territory.

You first need to have movement and action points to capture a town in Company of Heroes 3. If the town is not defended and you have both said points, it’s just a matter of sending a unit to the desired target to capture it, but what if defenses prevent your takeover of the town?

The shield icons next to the town name indicated that it has some protection, and you need to weaken the town defenses first if you want to capture it in CoH 3. Attacking it once will only reduce the number of shield icons.

You’ll need to attack a town multiple times to reduce the number of defenses, which isn’t ideal since it drains action points. So how do you weaken a town’s defenses in Company of Heroes 3? There are a variety of ways to do so.

How to weaken town defenses

There are many ways to weaken the defense of a town before you can capture it in Company of Heroes 3.

  • For starters, you can utilize Airfields – whether it is the Bombing Run or Para drop. If you have a bomber available, you must purchase it and launch it at the enemy base. While for the para drop, you can use a transport plane. But when doing this, ensure you have an Airborne unit stationed at the Airfield in Company of Heroes 3.
  • Another method you can use is deploying a weaker company. This company will allow you to take out at least one of the shields, which will lower the town’s defense.
  • You can even use a battleship to lower the town’s defense. Bombarding towns with cannons will help you a lot in this case.
  • Moreover, different upgrades and perks are available for different companies in the game. You can use them to make your company too strong, automatically weakening the town defense.
  • Lastly, defenses can also be weakened by using the Partisan Capture Target action, and you can capture towns in CoH3 more easily.
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