Company Of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps Guide

The newly added faction in Company of Heroes 3, Deutsches Afrikakorps, is magnificent when it comes to mobility and mechanization.

The newly added faction in Company of Heroes 3, Deutsches Afrikakorps, is magnificent when it comes to mobility and mechanization. The force is known for its battles in North African deserts. You can use this faction to bring down even the most powerful.

Afrikakorp is the only faction that allows you to call additional support from its Battlegroups. Getting you much-needed infantry and artillery at the right spot and at the right time through the usage of different supporting vehicles.

The Mobile, Mechanized, and Elite faction of Afrikakorps contains all the utilities required to ensure a smooth combat experience. These items are essential in every battle and give you an edge over enemies if they lack them.

Here are all of the battle units of the Company of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps faction and what they do.

Deutsches Afrikakoprs units and their roles

  • Headquarters
  • Light Support
  • Mechanized
  • Panzermee
  • Battlegroups


250 Light CarrierSupport / Anti-infantryMG 34 LMGTransportation and recovery.
Panzerpioneer SquadSupport / Anti-infantryKar98kRepairing and building.
Panzergrenadier SquadMainline / Anti-infantryKar98kSnare vehicles and grenade usage.
Kradschutzen Motorcycle TeamRecon / Anti-infantryMG 34Eliminate enemy infantry.

The Afrikakorps faction is one of its kind when it comes to the Headquarter units in Company of Heroes 3. This faction can transport things from one place to another in a quick fashion and also provide healing to the existing structures. Ensuring your base and items survive longer and your winning chances increase.

You can repair and build new structures while bringing theirs down using grenades and long-range rifles. The motorcycle unit is unique as it provides mobility and helps you eliminate the enemy’s strong infantry. Eliminating the infantry opens a wide chance for you just to move in and take control of crucial resources.

Light Support

Assault Grenadier SquadMainline / Anti-infantrySMGLead the attack.
MG34 TeamHeavy Weapon / Anti-infantryMG 34 HMGStop the advancement of enemy infantry.
2.5- tonne medical TruckSupport / Non-CombatSupply goods.
Le.IG 18 Support Gun TeamHeavy Weapon / Anti-infantryMobile 75mmAOE damage.
Pak 38 Anti-tank Gun TeamHeavy Weapon / Anti-vehicle50mm Anti-tankDestroy enemy vehicles.
Flakvierling Half-trackAnti-aircraft / Anti-infantryQuad 20mm Anti-AirProvide aerial supremacy.

The Light support unit of the Afrikakorps faction is one of the most well-devised in COH 3. You can bring down enemy aircraft and vehicles using the weapons present in this unit.

You also get the group of soldiers that uses the deadly close-range SMG, helping you lead the attack and eliminate enemies efficiently. You can provide all the essential supplies to your units and ensure they have everything on their hand.

This unit is the backbone of the Afrikakorps as it’s the mixture of all the required things covering almost every aspect of war.


8 Rad Armored CarAnti-infantry20mm autocannon and MG 34Demolish enemy infantry.
Marder III H Tank DestroyerAnti-vehicle / Anti-tankFixed 75mm anti-tank gunDestroy enemy tanks.
254 Reconnaissance TractorSupport / Non-CombatProvide higher mobility.
18-tonne Recovery Half-trackSupport / Non-CombatProvide higher mobility and recovery.
StuG III D Assualt GunAnti-structure / Anti-infantryFixed 75mmDemolish enemy buildings.

You are bound to win if you have control over the enemy structures, infantry, and tanks. The Mechanized unit provides precisely that in COH 3. You demolish other factions’ infantry along with their tanks and buildings. You can move your units forward and place them in a winning situation.

The other important thing to highlight here is the inclusion of two units that provide the highest mobility. Not only do you move your units quickly, but you can also recover the structures that get hit during combat.

You can play the quick-style combat strategy if you take full advantage of these units. Your strategy will be tough to counter.


Panzer III L Medium TankGeneralist / Anti-Vehicle / Anti-infantryLong-Barrel 50mm and 2x MG 34Demolish enemy vehicles and infantry.
2.5-tonne Utility TruckSupport / Non-CombatantFlak 36 Anti-TankProvide support to the supply line.
Walking Stuka Rocket LauncherRocket Artillery6x Long-Ranged LaunchersAOE damage and destroy structures.

The area of damage is crucial when trying to destroy any kind of structure or buildings on the battlefield. This Afrikakorps unit helps you to wipe the battlefield and destroy the enemy moving units.

You will not run out of supplies due to the utility truck that you get in this unit. The truck has a higher capacity and keeps your units full with the items required to bring chaos to the enemies.


Guastatori SquadSupportProvide assistance to the infantry.
Cannone da 105/28 HowitzerAnti-infantry105mm HowitzerAOE damage and long-range attacks.
L6/40 TankAnti-infantry20mm Breda 35Front-line attacks.
Bersaglieri SquadMainline / Anti-infantryOTO Mod.35 grenadeAOE Damage.
Carro Armato M13/40 TankAnti-tank47mm Cannone and 47/32 anti-tankDestroy enemy vehicles.
Semovente DA 75/18 Assault GunAnti-infantry75mm Obice and 75/18 Mod.34Provide front-line firepower.
Command Panzer IVAnti-infantry75mm KwK 37Demolish infantry and structures.
Flammpanzer III TankAnti-infantry14mm FlammweferTo destroy enemy infantry.

You might hardly find any Battlegroup unit as complete as the one that the Company of Heroes 3 Deutsches Afrikakorps faction offers. This unit allows you to demolish enemy infantry from the base of the battlefield. This unit has gun power that will enable you to decimate vehicles, tanks, and infantry in several ways.

This Afrikakorps unit is also great for defensive ability as it allows you to provide support to your front-line infantry by supplying items and AOE damage. You can see from the table above how much power this unit adds to your Deutsches Afrikakoprs faction in Company of Heroes 3.

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