Company Of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Guide

Wehrmacht offers the best technology and defensive capabilities to outlast your enemies in Company of Heroes 3.

The Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht faction is a force to be reckoned with. The defensive capabilities of the faction, along with its counter-attacking abilities, make this force one of the best in the game.

You can pierce through any defensive lines and hold your positions, outsmarting the enemies during combat. The Wehrmacht faction contains a mixture of classic units and newly introduced features. These things make the entire COH 3 experience much more exciting and fun.

The tech structure of Wehrmacht is the differentiating point between all the forces. You get to choose during the battle between different things. You can improve your buildings, unlock new units, or upgrade existing ones.

The words that describe this faction are Defensive, Veteran, and Intimidating. You will feel during your playthrough how all these traits perfectly explain the Wehrmacht faction.

Wehrmacht units and their roles

  • Headquarters
  • Infanterie
  • Luftwaffe
  • Panzergrenadier
  • Panzer
  • Battlegroups


Kettenkard Recon VehicleSupport/ Non-combatantAn unarmed light vehicle is used to supply items.
Pioneer SquadSupport/ Anti-InfantryMP 40Repair and construct defense lines along with supporting infantry with MP40 SMG.

You get two units that can perform the support role along with some others. These units are essential as they can keep your infantry secure and provide you with the ability to supply things quickly.


Grenadier SquadMainline/ Anti-InfantryKar98KSupport the forces by indulging in long-range combats and building defenses.
MG 43 Machine Gun TeamHeavy Weapon/ Anti-InfantryMG 42 HMGPush back the enemy infantry.
GrW 34 Mortar TeamHeavy Weapon/ Anti-Infantry80mm MortarInflict AOE damage.
SniperSupport/ Anti-InfantryLong-ranged rifleClear the area for infantry units.

The infantry units are crucial for your victory in COH 3. You get to use the classic Kar98k rifle in this category and provide long-range kills for your force. These units can unleash grenades and cause AOE damage using heavy weapons.

Heavy machine guns allow you to kill enemies in your line of fire as the fire rate of these weapons is very high, and it helps you to hold the push of enemy infantry units.

Combining these units with your snipers makes it easy for you to take out enemy players from crucial positions and open the battle area. Your teams can push without receiving surprises from enemy snipers or other units.


Jager SquadElite / Anti-InfantryG43Create distraction using smoke grenades.
221 Scout CarRecon / Anti-InfantryMG 34Highly mobile vehicle.
Flak 30 Anti-aircraft Gun TeamHeavy Weapon / Anti-Infantry20mm Anti-airTake down enemy aircraft.
Marder III M Tank DestroyerAnti-Vehicle / Anti-Tank75mm Anti-tankDestruction of vehicles.
Wirbelwind FlakpanzerAnti-aircraft / Anti-infantry20mm Anti-airIncrease control over aerial combat.

These CoH3 Wehrmacht units are essential to take command of the air and ground vehicles.

The Germans faced severe drawbacks during their aerial war with the British during WWII due to which they were on the receiving end. You have to make the most out of all these units to stand a chance against powerhouses like the US and the British in Company of Heroes 3.

Use these units to disable enemy tanks and infantry. Use smoke grenades to distract and surprise enemies with precise and timely attacks. These units enable you to make sneaky plays and take down even the most robust enemy aircraft, vehicles, and teams.


Pak 40 Anti-tank gun TeamHeavy weapon / Anti-vehicle75mm Anti-tankDestroy enemy tanks.
Panzergrenadier SquadElite / Anti-InfantryStG 44Destroy and control enemy buildings.
251 Medium CarrierSupport / Anti-InfantryMG 42Transports HM guns and infantry.
StuG III G Assault GunAnti-vehicle / Anti-tank75mmTanks and vehicles destruction.
Nebelwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher TeamRocket Artillery210mm Rocket launcherAOE damage and destruction of objects.

This Wehrmacht unit is a nightmare for enemy vehicles and structures. All the units are equipped with great power weapons that allow you to take down any kind of enemy unit.

The carrier units can transport infantry and guns to the required areas. This constant supply flow can turn the tides in your favor in any battle. If you hit their structures using these units, then the fight might be over more quickly. Wait for the right moment and bring these units to cause chaos on the battlefield.


StoBtruppen SquadElite / Anti-infantryG43 and MG 42 LMGKill enemies from a long-range
Panzer IV Medium TankAnti-vehicle / Anti-infantry/ Generalist75mm gun, and 2x MG 34Destroy the enemy’s bases and infantry.
Sturmpanzer IV BrummbarAnti-structure / Anti-infantry150mmDemolish buildings and structures.

These Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht units is all about destruction and chaos. You can bring down any building or enemies using these units. The positioning of these units is vital to winning on the battlefield.


8 rad Armored CarRecon / Anti-infantry20mm autocannon and MG 34Destroy infantry.
Panther TankAnti-tank / Anti-infantry75mm and MG 34Destroy tanks and infantry.
Wespe ArtilleryArtillery105mm LeFH 18 Howitzer.AOE damage.
Tiger TankAnti-vehicle / Anti-tank88mm Kwk 36Armor penetration.
2.5-Tonne Cargo TruckSupport / Non-CombatantSupport the supply lines.
Fallschirmjager SquadElite / Anti-infantryFG 42Sneaky plays.
Fallschirmpioneer SquadSupport / Anti-infantryKar98kBuild and repair defense.

To win your Company of Heroes 3 battles against other factions, you need your Battlegroups to be on point. From the sneaky plays using the smoke bombs to destroying the enemy tanks and infantry is very important.

The same group allows you to create and repair your defenses, making it challenging for enemies to penetrate your structures. All these units make Wehrmacht one of the strongest factions in Company of Heroes 3. So go out, get hold of all these units, and start your battles to enjoy the experience.

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