Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Guide

The Company of Heroes 3 British Forces returns with a more mobile and aggressive army compared to the previous installments in the franchise.

The Company of Heroes 3 British Forces returns with a more mobile and aggressive army compared to before. The faction takes help from all the commonwealth nations when it comes to war. Different countries rush to support the British Forces in COH 3.

This faction is excellent for players starting their Company of Heroes 3 journey. The tech tree is much simpler compared to other factions, making it possible for players to get hold of things even from the start of the game.

British Forces have more streamlined units for COH 3, making the experience much more thrilling for the players. You need substantial knowledge for other factions, such as Afrikakorps and Wehrmacht, to become god-like in this game, but British Forces are easy to comprehend and become good within COH 3.

The British Forces’ traits are flexible, well-rounded, and resilient. Their ability to call for help from around the globe is exciting. You can use the Indian Artillery with the British Forces, creating a different experience.

Let’s look at the units and their roles. These units are the backbone of the British Forces in Company of Heroes 3.

British Forces units and their roles


Vickers Machine Gun TeamHeavy weapon/Anti-infantryVickers heavy machine gunSuppress the enemy infantry movement.
Royal Engineer SectionSupport/Anti-infantrySten SMGRepair and build defenses.

The Headquarters units ensure that the British Forces suppress the aggressive activities of enemy infantry. These units use heavy machine guns to halt the actions and unleash their terror.

The engineering units ensure that the existing defenses are repaired so their survival increases. These units are essential as they create structures that help you to hold enemies during your battles in COH 3.

Section Command Post

Dingo Light Scout CarRecon/Anti-infantryBren Light machine gunHeal infantry units.
ML 3-inch Mortar TeamHeavy weapon/Anti-infantry3-inch MortarAOE damage.
Infantry SectionMainline/Anti-infantryLee Enfield rifleTrap vehicles and unleash grenades.

The unique thing about this unit is its ability to heal infantry and provide AOE damage to the enemies. You can trap down the enemies using the infantry section before using the Mortar team.

Trapped enemies are more likely to take more damage from your attacks. If your infantry is struggling, you can send the light scout to help restore the health and ensure they survive long enough to break the enemies.

Platoon Command Post

CMP 15ctw TruckSupport/Non-combatantTow weapons and help infantry.
Humber Armored CarAnti-infantry15mm BesaDemolish enemy infantry.
6-pounder Anti-tank Gun TeamHeavy weapon/Anti-vehicle6-pounder anti-tankDestroy enemy resources.
M3 Stuart Light TankGeneralist/Anti-infantry/Anti-vehicle37mm gun and 2x .30cal machine gunsStop enemy aggression.
Bishop Self-propelled ArtilleryMedium Artillery25-pounder howitzerAOE damage.

The Platoon Command Post unit is all about bringing chaos to the enemies. You can demolish their tanks, infantry, and resource by using the different units in this group.

If you remove infantry and vehicles from the enemies, their mobility is close to zero. They will not advance, giving you the time to set up strong forces before unleashing aggressive strategy.

You need to tow heavy weapons and provide them to your infantry. This is done using the Trucks available in this unit. All these units ensure you get the upper hand during the war.

Company Command Post

Foot Guards SectionElite/GeneralistThompson SMG and 2x M9 Bazookas.Throw grenades and close-range combat.
Crusader II Medium TankGeneralist/Anti-infantry/Anti-vehicle2-pounder gun and Besa machine gunStop enemy aggression.
Matilda II Heavy TankGeneralist/Anti-infantry/Anti-vehicle2-pounder gun and Besa machine gunStop enemy aggression.
M3 Grant Medium TankAnti-vehicle/Anti-infantry37mm gun, .30cal machine gun and 75mm gun.Immobilize the enemies.
CMP 15cwt TruckHeavy weapon/Anti-vehicle17-pounder anti-tank gunTow heavy weapons and supply things to infantry.

This unit cuts off the supply line of enemies and stops them in their tracks. Their mobility is completely shattered, and enemies are forced to take a defensive stance.

You can bring your aggressive units and attack the enemies while making sneaky plays. Stopping enemy aggression means taking their comfort away from them and putting them on the back foot. Enemies tend to make mistakes during such times, allowing you to deal the final blow and take the battle away from them.


Gurkha Rifles SectionAnti-infantryLee-Enfield RiflesStop enemy infantry.
ML4.2-inch Heavy MortarAnti-infantry4.2-inch MortarDeal AOE damage.
Churchill IV TankAnti-structure/Anti-vehicles57mm gunDestroy enemy structures.
Churchill Black Prince TankAnti-vehicle/Anti-infantry76.2mm gunDemolish enemy movements.
Centaur TankAnti-infantry57mm gunStop infantry push.
Commando SectionAnti-infantryLMGStop enemy aggression.

The whole group in British Forces is this battlegroup in COH 3. You get to experience the highly effective Gurkha Rifles section that comes out as a nightmare for enemy infantry.

Using the Mortar ranges, you can cause substantial AOE damage even at long ranges. You also have the beast of a tank in this unit. The Churchill Black Prince sounds badass and is one of the best tanks out there in Company of Heroes 3.

All the other units and their roles ideally open the window for unleashing your aggressive units to take the battle away from the hands of your foes.

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