Company Of Heroes 3 US Forces Guide

The Company of Heroes 3 US Forces have highly aggressive units, which makes them far deadlier than the other factions.

The Company of Heroes 3 US Forces have highly aggressive units, which makes them far deadlier than the other factions.  This faction overshadows others due to its superior production capabilities, along with high mobility and devastating combined arms.

The US Force’s main strength lies in its light vehicles allowing a more aggressive combat stance. You can use US Forces infantry according to the required situation due to higher flexibility, and how can we forget that some of the best tanks in COH 3 are part of the US forces’ Arsenal?

The Aggressive, Adaptable, and Overwhelming US Forces can wipe out enemies on any given day with the right tactics. You will receive assistance from new battlegroups, and your SSF Commandos might be more than enough to bring down the infantry of other strong factions like Deutsches Afrikakorps.

From air support to ground-breaking tank combat, you can experience all these things while playing the US Forces faction in COH 3.

US Forces units and their roles


Scout SquadRecon/Anti-infantryLong-range M1 rifleLong-range kill.
Engineer SquadSupport/Anti-infantryClose-range M3Repair and build defenses.

The US Forces headquarter units ensure offense and defense for this faction in COH 3. You can take long-range shots using rifles and provide cover to your infantry in close range by repairing and building more robust defenses.

You can keep improving your structures, saving time and money while indulging in deep combat.

Tank Depot

M4A1 Sherman Medium TankAnti-vehicle/Anti-infantry/Generalist75mm gun and 2x .30cal machine gunDestroy enemy resources.
M18 Hellcat Tank DestroyerAnti-vehicle/Anti-tank76mm gunImmobilize the enemy aggression.
M4 (105) Sherman BulldozerAnti-structure/Anti-infantry105mm Howitzer, and 2x .30cal gunRemove obstacles from the path.

The tank unit of US Forces in COH 3 is what makes this faction one of the great in the game. The sheer power of these vehicles allows you to create different plays and bring down the other dominant faction like Wehrmacht in Company of Heroes 3.

You can take out the enemy vehicles hindering their mobility and destroying their much-needed supply line. Additionally, you can clear the structures and enemy infantry, making it easy for units to advance and take an aggressive stance in the battle.

The mobility of factions is a very important aspect of war, and this allows you exactly that. There will be no stopping if you hit your shots clean using these badass tanks.

Motor Pool

M24 Chaffee Light TankAnti-vehicle75mm gun and 2x .30cal machine gunDestroy enemy mobility.
M1 Anti-tank Gun TeamHeavy Weapon/Anti-vehicle57mm anti-tankDemolish enemy vehicles.
M8 Grayhound Armored CatAnti-vehicle/Anti-infantry37mm and .30cal machine gunDestroy enemy infantry and vehicles.

The US Forces Motor units are there for destruction in COH 3. You can demolish enemy vehicles and infantry. If both of these things are taken out of the equation, then the war is certainly in your hands.

You will hinder enemy supplies, stopping their aggression and making them take a weaker stance during combat. You just have to time your attacks and wait for the other factions to make the mistakes.

Weapon Support

M3 Armored personnel CarrierSupport/Anti-infantry.50ca machine gunDevelop efficient supply line.
SniperSupport/Anti-infantryLong-ranged rifleCover the movements of infantry.
Bazooka squadSupport/Anti-vehicleM1 carbines and M9 Bazookas.Trap enemy vehicles.
M1919 Machine Gun TeamHeavy weapon/Anti-infantry.30cal heavy machine gunStop enemy infantry push.

The support unit is very crucial for the US faction in COH 3. It allows you to trap the enemy and stop their infantry push. Using tank units on the trapped enemies can bring havoc on enemies.

Supply line makes or breaks nations during wars. You can have an almost perfectly working supply line due to these units. Additionally, machine guns allow you to demolish enemy aggression.


M1 Mortar TeamHeavy weapon/Anti-infantry81mm mortarAOE damage.
¼-ton 4×4 TruckRecon/Anti-infantry.30cal machine gunGather information.
Riflemen SquadMainline/Anti-infantryM1 grand rifles and Thompson.Breach enemy defenses.

The Barracks units allow you to gather information on the enemy movements and make the strategy accordingly. You get the mortar team that helps you deal substantial AOE damage and stop the enemy push altogether.

With the right information, you can breach enemy defenses and surprise them with the help of other units. Making the enemies uncomfortable gets you the win in COH 3.


Captain RetinueSupport/Anti-infantryM1 grand rifles, Thompson and M1919A6 LMGSupport the infantry.
M16 Multiple Gun Motor CarriageAnti-aircraft/Anti-infantryM45 “Krautmower” quad and .50cal mountDemolish enemy aircrafts.
M3 75mm Gun Motor CarriageAnti-tank75mm main gunDemolish enemy tanks.
Pathfinder SquadRecon/Anti-infantryM1 Grand riflesUsage grenades and flares.

This US Forces unit is exceptional, just as the name states. You get a combination of support and aggression in this unit. Your pathfinder squad can locate essential things to help you set the right trap against other factions.

You also get the ability to bring down enemy vehicles, tanks, and aircraft. If you hold the land and air superiority, no other faction can stop you in COH 3. You just have to support your infantry and provide them with a secure path to lead the attack.


ParatrooperElite/Anti-infantryM1A1 carbine.Use grenades and charges.
M31 Recovery VehicleSupport/Non-combatantRepair, restore and rescue vehicles.
M8 Scott SPGAnti-structure/Anti-infantry75mm light howitzerAOE damage.
M4A3E8 Sherman Easy EightAnti-tank/Anti-infantry76mm gun and 2x .30cal machine gunStop enemy infantry push.
M29 WeaselRecon/Non-combatantDevelop supply line.
SSF Commando SquadElite/Anti-infantryM1 Grand rifles, M1941 LMG, and M9 Bazookas.Take center stage of the combat.

The battlegroups units of US Forces in COH 3 show why this faction is the greatest in the game. You get everything in this unit, from the ability to use grenades and charges to AOE damage.

You can develop a very efficient supply line and restore your existing vehicles in the combat zone. Additionally, these units allow you to inflict severe damage on enemy infantry, stopping them in their movements and trapping them to unleash AOE damage.

Lastly, the commando squad is perfect for stopping any kind of push and gives you a chance to be aggressive in your stance and win the war in COH 3.

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