Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has come out with a new map for its zombies game mode and it looks like you’re going to need more than firepower to survive through this one. With these CoD Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Tips, we’ll be showing you a few viable strategies to employ as you fight off the countless zombie hordes in this vast and challenging map.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Tips

Firebase Z in Cold War Zombies introduces players to five brand new areas for you to explore.


The starting point of the mission is A Shau Valley in Vietnam. There’s a vantage point to the left of the spawn area across the Courtyard.

Turning on the power will allow you to explore additional rooms with Arsenal and Der Wunderfizz machine.

Areas that can be accessed before activating the power are the Equipment Storage, which has the Ammo box and Quick Revive Perk machine.

Go inside the building and go up the stairs, passing the shotgun wall buy to get to the rooftop walkway. Here, you’ll find the Teleporter Transfer to the main outpost.



As you come out of the teleporter, you will find yourself next to a crashed helicopter. This area has a Tombstone Soda Perk Machine, Trials Computer and a Crafting Table along with three gates, which will lead you to the remaining three areas in the Firebase Z.

The helicopter has an ammo box next to it. Utilize the area around the helicopter to keep circling and disposing of any zombies by making use of the strategically sound field surrounding the debris.

North Gate (Planning Offices, Mission Control and Omega Portal Chamber)

Through the North Gate, you will find yourself in the Open Lot leading to the Engineering area.

Here, you’ll find an ammo box and a staircase that takes you to the Planning Offices; where you can find an Arsenal after turning the power on along with the OPC (Initially blocked).

Next to the planning Offices you can find the Military Command area and a Rare Hauer 77 on the wall for you to buy.

On the other end, you can find a Rare 1911 on the wall. An M16 on the wall can be found by the entrance to Mission Control past the staircase.

In the Mission Control area, you will be able to find the Aether Reactors, a wall weapon and a Stamin-Up Perk Machine. The doors here lead to the Scorched Defenses, which can lead you to the Barracks.

East Gate (Field Hospital, Data Center, Barracks)

As you finally open up the East Gate, you’ll gain access to two new buildings and a hospital.

The first barracks has an Arsenal and Ammo box outside. The second barracks will have good ground for you and your allies to stand against zombies. The hospital has an Uncommon Type 63 weapon to be bought from the wall should you need it at this point.

South of the three mentioned buildings will be a staircase that leads to the Data Center.

On the inside here, you’ll find an Ammo box to your left and an Aether Reactor above you. There’s also an Uncommon AK-47 on the wall by the stairs.

There’s also a Speed Cola Perk Machine on the second floor. On the lowest level of the Data Center you’ll find a Rare SMG wall buy and two powered doors to Rocky Defenses, which will take you to the Weapons Lab and Motorpol.

South Gate (Military Command, Weapons Lab, Motorpool)

This part of the map has Motorpool, a garage with an Ammo box in the East and an office to the South. There’s also the Military Command area further down South.

The Military Command Area has an Ammo box. The last Aether Reactor can be found in the little space outside with the powered entrances to the Jungle Defenses.

You’ll find another room beyond this point that has a Jugger-Nog Perk Machine along with a staircase that takes you to the Sky Bridge and Colonel’s Office.

Firebase Z Survival Tips

The Village
The area around the Village is ideal for circling about towards the later waves. The Pack-a-Punch machine, along with the Wunderfizz, is a deadly combo.

As you progress forward, you’re going to want to get as many perks as you want, and the Wunderfizz machine rewards you with perks that the map doesn’t even have.

The Helipad
Helipad offers a good number of debris and obstacles around the area that can help you to deal with hordes of zombies without risking too much. And considering it’s close-by to The Village, you can always keep getting a few weapons here and there along with topping yourself up with perks.

With Firebase Z, you have access to three more Scorestreaks; The Napalm Strike, Artillery and Cruise Missile. They can be gained through defending during the defense rounds at the terminals but they can also be crafted.

Use Napalm to deny specific areas and prevent any excessive zombies from flowing in when things get too tight. Artillery is best used to wipe out any grouped set of enemies.

Conserve for Assault
An Assault Round can be fairly tough for the team if you’re running scarce on resources.

The best thing you can do is make sure that you save up your most powerful weapons’ ammo so you can proceed to easily take care of anything and everything during the Assault Round.

Tombstone Soda
You might want to grab the Tombstone Soda so you can help stretch a few rounds in with the extra squad revives. Starting from scratch is a bust anyway.

Special Enemies
You’ll find various stronger enemies flooding through the new map of Black Ops Cold War. Mimics and manglers will show up in the early game. You can use the SA12 and RAI-K84 to dispose of them.

Hellhounds will spawn into the map after round 25. These good boys will run into you and explode, which will then leave an AoE that damages you.

The best strategy here is to just keep running while you hear them explode on your back.

Trial station can be found to the right of the Helipad. These rewards are pretty important and can be very good for your early adventure through the Firebase Z.

These trials are usually easy, more or less, but doable. Nonetheless, it gives you good gear at the start of the game.

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