Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Tips

Tips for survival.

The new Firebase Z map is a bit different from the rest in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It has a few caveats that players need to understand (and work their way around) to increase their survival chances. This is also necessary in completing the main Easter Egg.

We’ve curated a guide that showcases the best tips beginners can employ in their game to survive the hordes of dead zombies coming their way.

Best tips to know before jumping into Firebase Z

Acquire Free Loot

Your survival solely relies on what you have in your loadout, which can vary depending on the amount of Essence points you spend on acquiring weapons and perks on the map. But what if there’s a secret Easter Egg that gives players a free legendary chest that contains some good loot?

To complete the secret Easter Egg, players must first head over to the Pack-A-Punch machine found in the spawn area and look for a teddy bear placed above it.

Stare at the bear for three seconds and teleport to the Forest to see the same teddy bear start dancing in front of you. Shoot the dancing bear three times and receive a free legendary chest to have a head start on Firebase Z.

Build the Wonder Weapon

The newly introduced map has brought a new wonder weapon known as the RAI K-84 which has replaced the fan-favorite Raygun due to its immense power to send shockwaves to the dead.

To craft the wonder weapon, players must look for four parts scattered around the map which have some tedious tasks linked to them but rest assured the weapon will be your companion throughout the endless waves of blood suckling zombies.

Complete the Trials

Trials are mini-challenges presented on the computer screen found right next to the Helipad that rewards players with some good loot and lore on the map of Firebase Z.

It can’t be stressed enough to begin completing trials after spawning as there are high chances of scoring free perks as well as the RAI K-84 in Cold War zombies. These trials are usually easy, more or less, but doable. Nonetheless, it gives you good gear at the start of the game.

Make use of the Tombstone Soda Perk

The Tombstone soda is a new perk introduced to players in Firebase Z, which brings us to our next tip in Cold War Zombies. The perk is quite similar to Quick Revive but provides a greater advantage to players against the hordes of zombies.

After a player goes down while having the perk active, they will turn into a purple ghost with their weapons intact. Killing enough zombies while in the spiritual form will allow players to spawn back with all of their gear intact, making it an essential perk, especially on Assault Rounds. The perk can be found next to the Helipad and costs 3000x Essence.

Be prepared for Assault Rounds

Assault Rounds are part of the main Easter Egg quest in which players are assigned to protect three generators from the dead trying to turn them off.

It can prove to be a real challenge, especially in the third round where the final boss Orda joins the cut. Try to stack up on special ammunition and keep your scorestreaks in check to safely execute the Assault Rounds in Cold War zombies.

Use the M16 to battle Orda

The boss battle with Orda commences after the third wave of Assault Rounds in Firebase Z. The deadly creature will carry a large health bar and getting too close to him can result in players going down with the first hit.

While it may seem that the RAI K-84 will be a good option to battle the filthy creature, bullet weapons especially the Pack-A-Punched M16 will decimate the boss’s health by 25% during the commencement of Assault Rounds due to its range and damage output.

Special Enemies

You’ll find various stronger enemies flooding through the new map of Black Ops Cold War. Mimics and Manglers will show up in the early game. You can use the SA12 and RAI-K84 to dispose of them.

Hellhounds will spawn on the map after round 25. These good boys will run into you and explode, which will then leave an AoE that damages you. The best strategy here is to just keep running while you hear them explode on your back.

Optimise Scorestreaks

Firebase Z brings new scorestreaks such as the Artillery and Napalm Strike which do massive damage to enemies coming your way. Optimizing them according to your playstyle can amp up things and provide you with a hefty amount of Essence points to spend.

The best way to optimize Artillery is to use it while training. The dead bomb strikes will easily wipe out zombies even on rounds above 50. Meanwhile, the Napalm Strike can be used against the enemies in specific checkpoints and spawn points to block them from advancing at you.

Avoid Spawn

As much as fun it is to train zombies near the spawn location, the narrow pathways and multiple spawn locations can easily overwhelm players, especially those creepy Mimics that tend to rush at you.

There are much better locations to use if you plan on training zombies such as using the teleporter to reach the site of the destroyed Helipad.  The circular area of the location is a really good spot to train zombies and rack up those points.

Once power has been activated on the map, new areas open up for exploration, one of them being the small room that has one of the RAI K-84 blueprints in it. The room only has one opening, meaning you can easily camp while having the wonder weapon in check to stack up Essence points in Firebase Z.

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