Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Firebase Z Perk Machine Locations

There are five perks to find and get.

There are seven perks in Cold War Zombies: Firebase Z, which are essential for surviving its horrors. All of these, except two, are obtained from Perk Machines that are scattered around the map.

This guide will help you get all the perks in Firebase Z.

Where to find all Perk Machines in Firebase Z?

There are 5 Perk Machines on the Firebase Z map in CoD Cold War, all having names similar to the perks offered by them. The remaining two perks do not have dedicated Perk Machines. Instead, these are found at the Wunderfizz Perk Machine. 


While most older maps had a perk limit of four, the Firebase Z map of Cold War Zombies allows you to carry all 7 perks at once.

Quick Revive

The Quick Revive Perk Machine is at the spawn point in the game. Look for a building with a Red Flag Hanging from it in the courtyard and go inside to get the perk.

See the attached picture to get a better idea of the mini-map. After getting a drink from this perk machine we will move on to the next one called Tombstone Soda.

Tombstone Soda

Firebase Z Tombstone Soda Perk Machine Location

From the Quick Revive perk machine, turn right and into the Equipment storage building. Go up the stairs and turn right.

Go up another set of stairs then turn right again and you will see a broken wall. Go through this opening in the wall and climb up some stairs.

You will see a teleporter machine. This teleporter transfer will take you to the Helipad area. There you will see the Tombstone Soda Perk Machine at your 1 ‘o’clock.

Stamin-up Perk

From the Tombstone Soda Machine, turn left and go into the barracks. You will see a building with an open doorway on the left.

This is Barracks 1. Go inside and run through it. You will see a broken wall and after going through the broken wall you will need to climb up a set of metallic stairs.

Turn left then immediately go down some more stairs and you will be Scorched Defense. Go into the building on the left called Mission Control. Go up the stairs in the middle.

The Stamin-Up perk machine will be present on the first floor on the left.

Speed Cola Perk Machine

From the Stamin-Up perk machine, go outside from the doorway on the right. Go down some stairs into the open lot and back to the helipad area where the teleporter transfer is.

You will come across the Tombstone Soda Machine again. You will have to go into the Barracks and this time go into the building on the right.

Run through the building called Barracks 2 and you will see some stairs ahead of you. Climb these stairs go inside the Data Center building on the right.

You will see the Speed Cola Machine on the other side of the hall in this building.


Go outside from the gateway on the left and you will see a Jump pad. Step on it and jump and you will land in Jungle Defense.

Go straight and turn right into the Military Command and Ether Reactor Area. Run Straight into the building in the front and you will see the Jugger-Nog machine beside the stairs.

Elemental Pop & Deadshot Daquiri

The game doesn’t introduce specific machines for Elemental Pop and Deadshot Daquiri perks. To obtain these, you need to find the Wunderfizz Perk Machine in Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z map.

The Wunderfizz Machine is situated at Spawn. You can access it by going inside the room just to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine. 

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