How to Turn on the Power in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z

Black Ops Cold War has an all-new zombies map, Firebase Z. To survive the onslaught of zombies in Cold War Zombies Firebase Z, you’ll need help turning on the power and obtain the Pack-a-Punch machine for those essential equipment upgrades. There’s a lot to do and zombies to kill, so let’s get into it.

Turning on the Power in Cold War Zombies Firebase Z

You spawn in the village and then you have to talk to Ravenov; you talk to him through the glass. There behind him is the machine that gives you the Pack-a-Punch.

To get to the pack-a-punch machine, you need to turn on the power on the Firebase Z map of BO Cold War.

Turning On the Power

Just follow the markers you are given to turn on the power. Along the way, you have to unlock a bunch of doors and barricades, which will cost you in-game points.

The first door will cost you 1500 points, go through it and straight into the portal on the balcony.

This portal will always be open to travel back at any time. Once in the base, you have to activate Dark Aethers.

Dark Aethers are pointed by your quest markers and also there are purple arrows pointing you to your destination.

The Aether on the left will have two barriers before it, each unlocking for 1250 and 1500 points, and to actually start the Aether, you have to activate it for 500 points, then zombies will start attacking you.

Killing zombies in the vicinity will help charge up the Aether while also protecting it. Both the damage and the charge meters will be visible on the bottom.

The generator and Aether in the middle will have the same two unlocking barriers of 1250 and 1500 points and activating cost for the Aether itself will be 500 points, with zombies spawning and you having to protect and charge it again.

The Final Generator and The Pack-a-Punch

For the third gate, you have to unlock one barrier worth 1750 points and another for 1500; here, there is a boss Zombie, the mimic.

Just headshot it and don’t let it get too close to you as its big jaws are devastating. Repeat the same charging process here, and after you are done, return back to Ravenov.

Now that you have done this, his office will now be unlocked and the Pack-a-Punch will be ready for you to claim.

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