Black Ops Cold War: RAI K-84 Part Locations In Firebase Z

What a wonderful weapon!

The Firebase Z map has introduced us to a whole new wonder weapon known as the RAI K-84 in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies. The wonder weapon is perfect for decimating the Manglers coming your way and works quite well against the boss Orda in the main Easter Egg.

How to get the RAI K-84 in Firebase Z

The RAI K-84 is surely a no-brainer for players trying to get on higher rounds. The wonder weapon fires a purple beam as well as has an attachment of firing bombs that detonate on hitting your enemies. A weapon of this caliber surely holds its ground against the hordes of dead coming your way.

The wonder weapon can be found through various activities around the map. The first method involves completing trials and hopefully getting lucky by getting the RAI K-84 as a reward for completion.

The second method involves a bit of gambling as you’ll be taking a chance by finding the wonder weapon through Mystery Boxes. If completing trials or spending Essence isn’t your cup of tea, players can scout for four blueprint parts for the wonder weapon hidden behind a bunch of tedious tasks.

How to get the RAI K-84 blueprint and weapon parts

The first step before beginning the quest for finding the wonder weapon is to look for the blueprint. The blueprint can be found in the Weapons Lab which becomes accessible after you’ve turned on the power.

Head inside the lab to spot the blueprint on top of the workbench. Interact with it and then move on to the RAI K-84 parts.

Kuhlklay’s Eye

After acquiring the blueprint from the lab, head over to the Scorched Death area and spot the corpse of Dimitri Kuhlklay on the left side of the burning tank. Approach the corpse and interact with it to retrieve the blueprint eye.

Barrel Assembly

Take the eye back to the weapon’s lab and place it in the retina scanner next to the computer. Once the eye is scanned, the drawer below the scanner will pop open revealing a key.

The key is used to unlock the lockers in the Barracks. Players will be required to open all of the lockers until Mimic spawns.  Killing the Mimic will drop the Barrel Assembly.

Aetherium Converter

Return to the weapons lab after acquiring the Barrel Assembly and interact with the computer placed on the desk. The computer will display a radar that stops at three locations.

Players must remember the three locations and make their way to the Mess hall next to the Atrium to spot the dart board. Use a single-shot weapon and shoot the number that matches the locations on the computer screen.

Once all three targets are hit, shoot another shot at the center to mark the puzzle complete. This rewards players with the Aetherium Converter blueprint part for the RAI K-84 on Firebase Z.

Power Cell

The last part of the wonder weapon can be found by killing Manglers that spawn on round 15. Shooting a Mangler at his arm will drop an uncharged power cell that players will need to collect.

Once the part is collected, head back to the weapons lab for the last time and interact with the computer to charge it up. A purple glow will spawn around the cell indicating that it’s charged.

Now all that’s left to do is place all four of the parts on the weapons workbench to craft the RAI K-84 wonder weapon in Cold War zombies.

How to upgrade the RAI K-84 in Cold War Zombies

If the regular wonder weapon isn’t clenching your thirst for butchering the dead, there is a way you can upgrade it to make it much stronger against enemies in zombies.

To upgrade the wonder weapon, you must activate the Pack-A-Punch on Firebase Z and then spend 5000x Essence points to upgrade it to tier 1 followed by a 15000X Essence for tier 2 and 30,000X Essence for tier 3.

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