Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z RAI K84 Wonder Weapon Part Locations Guide

This Firebase Z RAI K84 Wonder Weapon Part Locations guide will give you all the blueprint locations required to unlock this Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z RAI K84 Wonder Weapon Part Locations

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies is taking the fight onto a new map, Firebase Z. But, what’s a new map without a destructive new weapon?

Treyarch considered this, and along with the new map, they’re throwing in a new Wonder Weapon as well.

RAI K-84 can fire out a purple laser as well as a purple bomb that detonates upon hitting the target.

However, a weapon of such mass destruction cannot be that easy to get your hands on.

There are several blueprints scattered across the map that you need to collect to craft this newest Wonder Weapon.

RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon Part Locations

Make your way to the Motor Pool from the Helipad and you’ll see a shed (Weapon Lab) at the far end by the cliff.

Head inside and you’ll find a blueprint on the wall above a table near the computer. Now, for the second blueprint, you’ll require a Kuhlklay’s Eye.

You’ll find one in the Scorched Defense region of the map near a burning tank.

Take the eye back to the Weapon Lab and place it in the retina scanner next to the computer.

A drawer will open below the computer and it will contain a key. Pick up the key and head to the Barracks.

There are nine lockers here that could be unlocked using the key that you just picked up. Start unlocking the lockers.

While unlocking these lockers you’ll have to be careful that there aren’t any zombies nearby as they can trap you and your hunt for RAI K84 could backfire.

Unlocking these Barracks will spawn a few Mimics that you’ll need to take care of. One of those Mimics will drop a Barrel after being killed.

That Barrel will contain another blueprint for the Ray-K Wonder Weapon.

For the next weapon part you will have to fight off some Manglers. Reach round 15 and they will spawn. Shoot their mechanical arms so that you can get the next part, Uncharged Power cell.

Go to the Weapon lab and interact with the computer to charge the cell up. The purple effect will vanish and you can now pick up the charged Power cell.

Observe the computer with the retinal scanner and remember the highlighted sections on the screen.

With this new information, go to Village Mess Hall and find the dartboard. Shoot the darts according to the highlighted sections you remember.

Eventually an Aetherium Converter will drop in front of you, take it back to the work bench in the weapon’s lab and interact with the bench to obtain the deadly weapon

You can get the weapon from the mystery box if you are lucky enough! By spending 950 points you may have a chance of getting the gold tier weapon but you will surely miss out on actually building it.

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