Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Guide

In this Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z guide, we shall go through all you need to know about Firebase Z in CoD BO Cold War.

Firebase Z is a new zombies map in COD Cold War set in Vietnam in the year 1984. There is a lot of exciting new content in this DLC, including the many challenges and notorious zombie bosses.

CoD Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z

CoD Cold War Firebase Z will let you experience the Vietnamese Outpost 25 in two different geographical locations.

The Firebase will be the place where soldiers undertake various experiments along with mining Dark Aether. The Village, on the other hand, is where the scientists sleep and do research, so it is like a research center.

You will start from the Firebase and go through the nearby portal, which will take you to the central hub of the outpost and from here, it is up to you where you wish to take your next zombie adventure.

Tombstone Dark Soda
Tombstone Dark Soda is also featured in the BO Cold War Firebase Z DLC, giving you a chance to make your way back to the game if you die.

Upon dying, if you’ve obtained the perk from the Soda, you will be taken to the Dark Aether, where you can fight to revive. If you die while in the Aether, then you don’t get to revive, sadly.

There will be 3 tiers to the Soda, which provide benefits while you’re in the Aether.

Tier one will let you regenerate your health; tier 2 will increase your duration and finally, Tier 3 will recover your health and equipment when you revive.

New Zombies
Be ready to encounter a variety of new zombies. The Mimic is a new zombie that will portray itself as a pickable item but will turn into a zombie as you get closer.

The Mimic isn’t the only zombie you have to worry about; this new map is filled with sophisticated enemies, some shooting lasers out of their eyes and some taking advantage of their gigantic sizes.

Assault Round
Assault round returns with much more aggressive enemy waves that you need to hold off. Make use of Artillery and Napalm strikes to survive and hold the line.

RAI-K84 Wonder Weapon
The weapon that comes exclusively with the Firebase Z DLC is the RAI-K84. Now, this AR is a mix of AK47 and some pretty high tech add ons keeping in theme with the map’s atmosphere of failed experiments and science gone wrong.