Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg Walkthrough

In this Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg guide, we’ll get you up to speed with all the steps that you need to follow to unlock the Easter Egg.

In this Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg guide, we’ll get you up to speed with all the steps that you need to follow to unlock the Easter Egg in the latest Cold War Zombies map, Firebase Z.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg

Firebase Z is a brand-new zombie map in COD: Black Ops that has been introduced as an Easter Egg.

Finding the Firebase Z Easter Egg is arguably one of the most exciting things to do in the new map. However, if you’re attempting it for the first time, you may find it a bit complex.

Fret not, because our guide below breaks it down into the simplest way you can go about completing it.

So, let’s begin!

Talk to Ravenoff
As soon as you spawn, go talk with Ravenoff next to Pack-a-Punch.

Having done that, head to the main military base and begin the process of restoring power to the facility. For that, you’ll need to activate each of the three Aetherium Reactors indicated on your screen and fill them with souls.

This process will also activate Pack-a-Punch.

Now, go back and talk to Ravenoff again. After that, find Dr. Peck and converse with him, followed by another conversation with Ravenoff.

Once the conversation with Ravenoff ends, he’ll give you a keycard.

With this keycard, you’ll need to open three lockers and collect the serum from each of them.

Acquire the Serum
The first locker is located right across from Ravenoff in a building.

The second locker is located inside the colonel’s office.

Finally, you’ll find the third locker within what looks like a control room on the map.

Now, head to the field hospital and use the vacuum cleaner to mix the three serums you acquired.

Once the vacuum cleaner starts spinning, a bunch of hellhounds will spawn. Take them all down.

Now, grab the vacuum cleaner and place it on the rectangular AC unit on the top of the mission control building. This will cause it to inject truth serum into the air Dr. Peck is breathing.

Make your way down to Dr. Peck and interact with him. He’ll then dance for you before telling you to head to the data center.

So, following Dr. Peck’s instructions, head to the data center and run along with the computer on the left-hand side to trigger a quote from Peck.

Resultantly, a big green-colored machine will get unlocked, giving you access to four yellow objects that’ll be up for grabs.

These objects will act as Poke balls, and you’ll be using them to suck up mimics.

Suck Up the Required Mimics
So, for this step, grab one of the yellow objects and use it to throw it near the mimic to suck it up.

To find the required mimic, you’ll need to go through the map while keeping your eye on the floor.

You will find a couple of mimic items, like grenades lying on the ground at some places. If one of these items is idle and can’t be picked up, it means that the other item will turn into a mimic on interacting and attack you.

Some of the possible spots for these mimic items are:

  • Village Spawn
  • In front of the weapons lab, near to the motor pool
  • Motor pool office
  • Planning offices
  • Jug Machine (spread out in this zone)

So, once you’ve gotten to the right place, interact with the items on the ground, and when a mimic pops out of one of them, use your poke ball to suck it up.

However, make sure to whittle down the health of the mimic you’re trying to capture because otherwise, this Poke ball doesn’t work and gets destroyed.

If it does get destroyed, you can go back to that green machine in the data center and pick up another one (you’ll have only a total of four so don’t waste them).

Once you’ve gotten the required mimic inside the poke ball, go back to the data center and input that poke the ball into the green machine.

If the machine responds in either one of the following names: Sokolov, Brahms, and Zabim, then you’ve got the right mimic.

Now, follow the same steps to go and find the other two mimics.

Remember that it doesn’t hurt if the mimics that you feed to the machine are not the ones required.

You can simply go out and try again until you’ve found the right ones.

On being input into the machine, each right mimic will give you a specific code.

So, once you’ve successfully got all three codes, a floppy disk will come out of the machine.

Take the Floppy Disk to the Planning Offices
Pick up the machine you earned in the previous step by holding the square and take it to the planning offices.

Input the floppy disk into the machine, attached to the wall on the left-hand side.

Upon doing that, you’ll be instructed to make your way to the Omega Portal Chamber (OPC). Follow this instruction and head to OPC.

Take a look at the building of OPC and then, go talk to Peck who’ll tell you that you need to find Aethereum Canisters.

After the conversation ends, you’ll receive a code that you can use to open the locker right next to Peck’s office.

A device will drop out from the locker. Grab it.

Upon acquiring these devices, your new objective will be to find three Aethereum canisters around the map, in any order.

Aethereum Canister # 1
You’ll find this canister in the defense area, with piles of dust all around.

What you need to do is run over these piles of dust and listen to the beeping sound coming from the ground.

Dig up the canister from the part of the ground emitting beeping sound, using a shovel (you can find one in the huts).

However, once you dig up the canister, it’ll start a lockdown in a bubble, and you’ll have to defend against Mangler, dogs, and zombies.

This fight can be pretty hectic so make sure that you have loads of ammo on you before you come to find this Aethereum canister.

Once all the foes are taken down, you can pick up the Aethereum canister and exit the area.

Aethereum Canister # 2
You can dig this canister up in the open lot area, next to the planning offices.

Follow the same procedure of listening to the beeping sound to find the right place to dig.

As soon as you dig, an array of canisters will spawn in the area. You’ll need to look at each of these canisters separately and find the one that does not have any black smoke inside it.

Once you’ve found the canister with only the white smoke, you can pick it up and exit the area.

Aethereum Canister # 3
For this canister, you are going to need RAI-K84.

This canister is buried in the corner right next to the stairs that lead to the data center.

As soon as you dig it up, this purple-glowing canister will start to teleport around the area.

You may even lose sight of it for a while but don’t panic. Just keep looking around for this canister.

Once you find it, don’t go rushing towards it as it will then get teleported to somewhere else.

Just keep your distance and pull out your RAI-K84. Press up on your D-pad (for console) or B (for PC) to switch to the alternate fire of your RAI-K84 which lets out a Beyblade kind of a thing.

Now, fire towards the canister, and while the Beyblade is spinning over the canister, run over to the canister and grab it.

Now that you have all three of the Aethereum canisters, head to each Aethereum reactor and deposit one Aethereum canister on each of them.

This will overload the power facility.

Having done that, return to the OPC, only to find that Dr. Peck still has the upper hand.

Go to Dr. Peck. As soon as you do, Weaver will start talking to you after a few seconds.

After talking to Weaver, go to the planning offices, where your character and those of your team will have a conversation on using satellites to get what you need.

Interact with the Computer
After the conversation ends, the computer in the planning offices will startup. Interact with the computer to start some sort of a mini-game inside the computer in which you can move a blue dot around using your D-pad.

Hover the blue dot over the yellow mark that gives you a question mark sign instead of a country flag.

Hit X on this yellow mark to prompt the satellite to blast a lot of beam into the sky.

Having done that, head back to the OPC, and interact with the computers on the right-hand side of the portal to teleport into the boss fight.

Orda Boss Fight
Orda is an elder god whom you’ll fight in the spawn area.

All you have to do is keep shooting at Orda from a fair distance until it is being eliminated.

Orda has several distance attacks, like a slam with its big club hand. However, most of these attacks work at a relatively short range.

As long as you keep your distance from Orda, it won’t be able to hurt you. So, make sure you have a decent ranged weapon at your disposal for this fight. However, this boss fight is not as easy as it seems.

As soon as you start targeting Orda, loads of zombies, mimics, and manglers will start chasing you.

Here, prioritize your safety, and first, clear your immediate vicinity before you continue to shoot at the boss.

Orda has a damage multiplier when there’s a lava-like pool around its head. So, whenever you see any such thing, don’t miss out on your chance to dish out maximum possible damage.

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