Black Ops 2 – Mob of the Dead: How to Build the Plane

Find all five parts to unlock the "No One Escapes Alive" achievement/trophy in Black Ops 2.

The plane is one of the many buildable items in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. If you plan on getting out of Alcatraz Island or just want to Pack-a-Punch your weapons, finding the plane parts is necessary for Mob of the Dead.

In this guide, we’ll go over exactly how you can find all of the plane parts and take the next flight to the Golden Bridge.

All Plane Part Locations in Mob of the Dead

You need to find five parts to build the plane, each requiring you to perform a series of tedious tasks. Before heading out to search for them, though, make sure to get the Warden’s Key around the cell blocks in Mob of the Dead. Enter the Afterlife and zap the generator to release the key.

Part 1 – Uniform

The first part of the plane can be found in the Laundry Room. The Laundry Room is an unpurchaseable door that can only be unlocked by going into Afterlife and powering up the voltmeter. The voltmeter can be found by going through the portal formed in front of the Cafeteria desk.

Follow the guide arrows to reach the voltmeter and zap it until it charges up. Doing this will cause the Laundry Room to open. Now head through the laundry room until you reach the Purgatory. The Purgatory will store a washing machine that’ll need to be powered.

To power up the washing machine, switch to Afterlife and zap the voltmeter placed in front of the machine. This will cause the machine to power up. Approach the washing machine and interact with it.

Interacting with the washing machine will cause it to start. Wait until the washing cycle is complete and the machine’s door open handing you the first part of the plane in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Part 2 – Rigging

The second part you need to build the plane is in a cage next to the Spiral Staircase in Mob of the Dead. To unlock the weapon, players need to open the number panel with the Warden’s key. Once the panel unlocks, switch to Afterlife and return to the entrance of the spiral staircase.

After reaching the entrance, walk back towards the number panel. In doing so, you’ll notice a large number will appear on each of the three metal doors. Note down those numbers, and enter them in the number panel to unlock the cage.

Now all that’s left is to revive yourself and collect the part from the cage in Mob of the Dead.

Part 3 – Tank

Head over to the docks and approach the Tommy Gun wallbuy in front of the Mystery Box in Mob of the Dead. Use the Warden’s Key to unlock the nearby door and flip the switch to enter the Afterlife.

While in ghost mode look behind to find a voltmeter. Zap the voltmeter to find the Tank placed right in front of you.

Part 4 – Engine

The electric cage in the Warden’s Office holds the Engine part for the plane. Start by heading to the Generator Room next to the Juggernog Machine at the docks.

There is a switch inside that lets you enter the Afterlife. Use it and look for three blue wires on the ground. Follow them to the generator and zap it. Do this for all three generators.

Once the generators are turned off, head back to the door and insert the Warden’s Key to obtain the part in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Part 5 – Control Valve

The last part of the plane can be found in the Infirmary. Travel to the corner room of the Infirmary where the Deadshot Daiquiri vending machine is to find the part placed inside the locked compartment. Insert the Warden’s Key in the compartment and grab the last part for the plane in Mob of the Dead.

How to Build the Planein Mob of the

Now that you’ve collected all five parts for the plane, it’s time to build it in Mob of the Dead. Head over to the rooftop and interact with the terminal in front of the long ramp.  

Once the plane is built, all you have to do is interact with it and it’ll take you toward the Golden Bridge where you can Pack-a-Punch your guns or begin the Easter Egg journey in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies.


To fly the plane multiple times, players will be required to refuel it. To refuel the plane head back to the locations where you found the parts to collect the fuel.

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