Black Ops 2: All Mystery Box Locations In Mob Of The Dead

There are five locations where the Mystery Box spawns in Mob of the Dead.

The Mystery Box has always been a staple feature in every recurring Call of Duty game, so it should not be surprising that Black Ops 2 gives players access to random weapons out of a box as well.

In this guide, we’ve listed down all of the possible locations where players can find the Mystery Box on the prisoner island of Alcatraz.

Where to find all Mystery Boxes in Mob of the Dead?

There are five different locations where a Mystery Box can possibly spawn in Mob of the Dead. They look like your average wooden box with yellow question marks on them. Do note that using a Mystery Box multiple times will cause it to teleport and change its location.

Warden’s Office

The first location where players can find the mystery Box is inside the Warden’s Office. The Warden’s Office is located at the end of the Cell Blocks and requires a Key to be unlocked. The office also serves as an initial spawn for the Mystery Box.


The cost to use the Mystery Box is 950 points.


Head over to the Cafeteria next to the Warden’s office in the Cell Blocks to spot another location for the Mystery Box. The Cafeteria and the Warden’s office are two locations where the Mystery Box can spawn initially.


The next spawn location for the Mystery Box is in the docks. It will be right next to the Sniper Tower trap in the corner of the docks. Use the Gondola to reach the docks and spot the box.


The Catacombs is an underground area that can be accessed by both the Cafeteria and the Warden’s Office. Head inside the underground area to spot another Mystery Box next to the staircase.


The final location where the Mystery Box can spawn is in the Infirmary. Use the staircase right next to the Cafeteria door to enter the Infirmary. Walk across the bloody bathtub used for the Golden Spork Easter Egg to spot the final Mystery Box in Mob of the Dead.

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