Black Ops 2: How To Enter The Warden’s Office In Mob Of The Dead

The Warden's Key spawns in two random locations in Mob of the Dead.

Mob of the Dead has an 80s Hollywood aesthetic in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and holds many secrets for players to uncover. One of them happens to be the Warden’s Office which holds many items integral to advance the story. The office can be found at the end of the Cell Blocks but unlocking it will require more than just spending points.

Whether you’re trying to find Speed Cola, a part to build the plane, or simply want to build the Acid Gat wonder weapon in Black Ops 2 zombies, finding a way inside the Warden’s Office is necessary. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can enter the Warden’s Office in Mob of the Dead.

How to enter the Warden’s Office in Mob of the Dead

The Warden’s Office requires you to get your hands on the Warden’s Key in the Cell Blocks. The key can spawn randomly in two different locations. The Warden’s Key can be found either outside the Warden’s Office or the Cafeteria in Mob of the Dead.

Warden’s Key Location 1 – Warden’s office

Head over to the door that leads to the Warden’s Office and look above the door to spot the Warden’s key levitating. If the key is above the door, you must find a voltmeter to lower it.

In order to find the voltmeter, you must enter Afterlife. There’s an electrical box present near the key. Interact with the box to enter Afterlife. In the Afterlife stage, your character will go down and you’ll find yourself in a Spectral form.


Entering Afterlife will cause your character to go down but won’t take away your Perks and weapons.

Once you’ve turned into a ghost, look for a portal spawned right above the Warden’s Office on the second floor. Levitate through the portal by holding onto the jump key.

This may take a few tries but you’ll get a hang out of it. Once inside the portal, look to your left to find a voltmeter that you can zap with your trigger key.

Zapping the fuse will cause the Warden’s Key to lower. Exit the portal and interact with your downed body to enter human form. Now all that’s left to do is acquire the key and insert it into the door to gain access to the Warden’s Office in Mob of the Dead.

Warden’s Key Location 2 – Cafeteria

If the key does not appear above the Warden’s Office, head over to the entrance door of the cafeteria in Cell Block D. The key will be levitating right above the entrance doors to the Showers and the entrance to the Cafeteria.

The process will remain the same. Enter Afterlife by interacting with a fuse box. Levitate through the portal that appears next to the key. Enter through the portal and zap the huge electrical box to lower the key.

With the key lowered, revive yourself and acquire it. Head over to the Warden’s office and insert the key into the door to unlock it.

After unlocking the door to the Warden’s office, you’ll soon discover a whole new area to explore. In the office, you’ll find an electrical door that holds one of the parts to build the plane as well as one of the parts for the Acid Gat Kit and the Speed Cola vending machine in Black Ops 2.

How to open the electrical door in the Warden’s Office

To unlock the electrical door inside the Warden’s office, you need to find and electrocute three generators in the Generator room. The Generator room can be found in the docks next to the Juggernog vending machine.

Use the gondola to reach the docks and enter the generator room. Interact with the fuse to enter the Afterlife. In Spectral form, you’ll be able to spot blue highlighted wires on the ground, follow them to reach each generator and zap them.

Zapping all three, electrical fuses will cause the electric door in the Warden’s office to unlock. Simply head back to the Warden’s office and collect the Engine part for the plane in Black Ops 2 zombies.

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