Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – All Perk Locations

A total of five perks are available in Mob of the Dead but only four can be acquired at a time in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Perks are essential to surviving higher rounds in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies, especially if you plan on taking the undead army head-on in the narrow pathways of Alcatraz Island.

For this reason, we curated a guide for the locations of the perks available in Mob of the Dead so that you can get them as quickly as possible to prepare for a fair fight.

Where to Find All Perks in Mob of the Dead

There is a total of five perks available in Mob of the Dead out of which players can only drink four. Each perk will be available in a different area and will require players to turn on its power using Afterlife. The locations for the perks are:

Speed Cola

The first perk players can find early on in the game is Speed Cola. As the name suggests, Speed Cola increases the reload speed in Black Ops 2. The perk can be found in the corner room of the Warden’s Office right next to the fireplace.

In order to activate the perk, enter Afterlife and zap the voltmeter right next to the vending machine. This will cause the perk to become active and be available for purchase for 2000x points.

Electric Cherry

The Electric Cherry perk provides players with a burst of electricity while they reload their guns. This helps to stun zombies and even kill some near the player. The perks vending machine is placed on the second floor of the Cell blocks right next to the workbench.

The perk can be activated by zapping its voltmeter in Afterlife and costs 2000x to drink in Mob of the Dead.


Juggernog is the fan-favorite perk in the Call of Duty zombies franchise. It increases players’ health by double which means increased resistance against zombie attacks.

The perk can be found placed on the upper level of the docks. Use the Gondola to reach the docks and spot the perk placed under the streetlight. We recommend saving up to 2500 points to acquire the perk as it can increase your chances of survival in the higher rounds of the game.

Double Tap

The Double Tap perk increases your bullet damage by double and also increases the fire rate by 30% for players who are using assault rifles.

The perk can be found in the Catacombs which is the underground area right below the Warden’s Office. Walk across the Spiral Staircase through the Citadel tunnels to spot the Double Tap vending machine placed in the western corner.

Use the Afterlife switch to turn into ghost mode and power up the voltmeter right beside the vending machine. Once the vending machine is powered on, purchase the perk for 2000x points in BO2 zombies.

Deadshot Daiquiri

The last perk players can use on Mob of the Dead is the Deadshot Daiquiri. The perk is very useful while training zombies as it puts the crosshairs on zombies’ heads while aiming down sights. The perk also increases the headshot damage which is perfect for training a huge number of zombies.

In order to acquire the perk, go through the Infirmary and go across the painting of the wolves to spot the vending machine placed in the corner of the room. Power up the voltmeter and purchase the perk for 1500x points.

Did You Know

PHD Flopper and Mule Kick can also been seen at the docks but are not available to use in Mob of the Dead

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