Black Ops 2: How To Get The Juggernog Perk In Mob Of The Dead

More Health, please.

Surviving through the tight corners of a prisoner island can become tedious if players are low on health that is why Juggernog is an important perk to have in Black Ops 2 zombies. The perk increases the player’s health by double and is considered vital in the early game stages.

Due to the tight turns and corners of Alcatraz Island, it can become quite difficult to spot the Juggernog vending machine, which is why we’ve constructed a guide to easily help players acquire the perk in Mob of the Dead.

How to get the Juggernog perk in Mob of the Dead

The Juggernog vending machine can be found in the corner of the docks area, outside of the Cell Blocks. To get to the docks, players must first activate the Gondola by zapping the voltmeter. The Gondola can be found at the end of the second-floor Cell Block’s corridor.

To activate the Gondola, players must first enter Afterlife by interacting with the electrical panel on the wall at the end of the corridor. Once inside the Spectral form, head over to the voltmeter next to the Gondola and zap it until the light turns green. This will cause the lift to start working.

Return to human form and spend 750 points to use the Gondola and reach the docks. After reaching the docks, turn right to find the Juggernog vending machine inactive.

Use the electrical fuse next to the vending machine to turn into a ghost once again, and zap the Juggernog voltmeter to turn it on. Now all that’s left is spending 2500 points to acquire the Juggernog in Black Ops 2.


You can also find one of the parts to build the plane in Mob of the Dead.

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