Black Ops 2 – Mob Of The Dead: How To Open The Roof

One way up, one way down.

If you’ve collected the parts for the plane and plan on building it, the roof of Mob of the Dead is the perfect place to do so in Black Ops 2 zombies. However, due to the map layout, many new players find it quite difficult to find.

To counter this, we’ve curated a guide that lets you know how you can get on the roof in Mob of the Dead.

How to open the roof in Mob of the Dead

The entrance to the roof is hidden behind a locked door in the Infirmary. To reach the Infirmary, you can purchase the door from the Cafeteria for 1000x points or go through the Cell Blocks where the Electric Cherry is placed.

To unlock the door, players must use the Afterlife switch found next to the painting of the wolf in the Infirmary and locate a portal that they can use to unlock the door to the roof. The wolf painting can be found in the main section of the Infirmary across the blood-filled bathtubs in Mob of the Dead.

After switching to Afterlife, head through the abandoned corridor in the western section of the Infirmary to spot the portal. Enter the portal and you’ll find some arrows marked on the wall. While in Spectral form, follow those arrows until you reach the roof.

Once you’ve climbed onto the roof, head straight towards the locked door and zap the voltmeter next to it. This will cause the door to overcharge, providing you access to the roof in Mob of the Dead.  Use the newly opened door to return to your body and revive yourself in Black Ops 2 zombies.

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