Best Looking Armor Sets in Skyrim for Male and Female

There are some good choices other than Daedric Armor.

How your character looks in an RPG matters a lot. Many players tend to ignore the armor with good stats just because it doesn’t look cool on their character. The same philosophy applies to Skyrim. With so many armor sets in the game, players always want to know which of these armor sets are best looking.

Since looks for an armor set can vary for Male and Female characters in Skyrim, there are some armor sets that look better on one gender than the other. You shouldn’t worry though as there are ample options for both males and females when it comes to goog-looking armor sets in Skyrim.

We have prepared a list of best best-looking armor sets in Skyrim so you don’t have to ponder a lot to select one.

Skaal Armor

skaal armor

Skaal Armor set is one of the more realistically looking light armor sets in terms of looks when it comes to Skyrim. The Armor Set shows a lot of fur and gives off a wintery look, and with the brownish uniform hue, the armor set looks more like a soldier’s uniform or a hunter’s. The armor set looks good on both Males and females, but leans more towards the Male side and with races that look more human-like. The basic stats of this armor are 46 base armor, 9.5 weight, and 560 base value. Practically, this is a rather weak armor, but it’s also light.

Penitus Oculatus Armor

Penitus Oculatus skyrim

Penitus Oculatus donned this armor. It is also another light armor set, but it has a higher base value than Skaal and can also be upgraded. This armor set is particularly good luck for the male characters, as it is inspired by ancient Spartan armor. This armor set can be grabbed as early as level 1 by assassinating the emperor’s bodyguard in Dragon Bridge town. Penitus Oculatus has a Base Armor of 51, its weight is the same as Skaal being 9, and its base value is 140 for the complete set. This armor set would also affect the NPCs as they would occasionally comment as they would recognize you as the Emperor’s protector. In terms of utility, it is a decent starter armor set, but in the long term, its use might not be very effective.

Elven Armor

Elven Armor

With this armor set popping out, the world of Skyrim truly starts feeling like a fantasy world. It is a rather strong light armor set. The Elven Armor set can be gilded to improve its stats. The non-gilded version has a base armor of 58, weight 7, and a base value of 425. With the shield, it can improve up to 79 base armor, 11 weight, and 540 value. The Gilded version without shield has base armor of 64, weight of 7, and value of 550, which can be further improved with the shield to 85, 11 weight, and base value of 865. The Elven armor’s gold plates look stunning and stand out a lot as well. It is also an all-rounder armor that looks good on all genders and races. Due to it being extremely strong and light this armor set is great to play through the entire game.

Fur Armor

fur armor skyrim

This is another light armor set that can be collected in the early stages of the game by raiding the bandits. Aesthetically, this armor set is gorgeous for the female characters. The fur armor has 4 variants – bare torso, bare torso with a shawl, full body sleeveless, and full body with sleeves. Typically, all variants have their charms in one way or another. Sadly, Fur Armor is not that strong in comparison to the other light armor – but still a better choice over hide armor. Due to its different variants, the stats are also different. Describing in a rage, the base armor would be 44 – 46, the weight would be either 10 or 11, and the value would be around 82 to 88.

Steel Plate Armor

steel plate armor skyrim

The first heavy armor to make our list is the Steel Plate Armor. This armor set is a special one that, despite being heavy armor, contains the perks of light armor. The armor set gives the look of a medieval knight, while the helmet enhances the look and changes it from a medieval knight to a Paladin or a Holy Knight. The armor set covers the full body and the entire face as well as the helmet, so this works on every race and gender. It has 87 base armor, 59 weight, and 1175 base value, making it a pretty strong choice. The best part about this armor is that it can be obtained as soon as you reach Whiterun as well making it one of the strongest armors that is easily accessible.

Glass Armor

Glass armor skyrim

The Glass Armor set is all about the looks. This Armor set is showier than the Elven armor. While it looks good on both male and female, the Glass Armor looks better on female gender in Skyrim. This is another light armor set and, in our opinion, the second-best choice in terms of looks and stats in the light armor sets. It has a base armor of 103, a weight of 19, and a base value of 2080 – making it the strongest light armor set in Skyrim it can even surpass some of the heavy armor sets available in the game, making it perhaps the best choice in terms of both utility and looks.

Daedric Armor

daedric armor set

If you want to roleplay as a demon or the harbinger of hell in Skyrim, the Daedric armor set is made for you. Daedric Armor is the best heavy armor set available in Skyrim. It has insane stats and looks demonic, but in a cool way. The base armor is 144, 96 weight, and a value of 7650. This makes Daedric Armor the strongest and toughest armor set, giving it the highest rating in Skyrim. Sadly, due to its weight, this armor set is only good for melee fighters like tankier classes. We deem it the best-looking armor set in Skyrim since the Daedric Armor set is held in high regard even by other players.

Nightingale Armor

nightingale armor skyrim

Nightingale Armor is the best light armor set in Skyrim. The Nightingale Armor set can be obtained when completing the Thief Guild quests. The nightingale armor set has a dark and mysterious vibe perfect for thief or assassin-based classes. It is black in color, giving it an edgy, shadowy look – perfect for those who like to roleplay as assassins. The armor set 69 base armor and 18 weight. The armor’s value increases along the level, beginning from Level 1 to 18, where the value is 3085, going all the way up to Level 32, where the value becomes 9636.

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