How to Get Glass Armor In Skyrim

Glass Armor is a very common light armor in Skyrim. Despite being very easy to find, this armor can prove to be very useful for you as well. This guide is all about Glass Armor in Skyrim and discusses all of its minute details including its stats, and smithing requirements.

Glass Armor location in Skyrim

When you reach level 37, your chances of finding this armor increase automatically. One thing you must keep in mind before acquiring this armor is that you can not find it during early stages of the game. You must reach level 36 for this armor to appear in the game.

However, the Glass Armor can be bought from Blacksmiths and several merchants in the game. You can also find this light armor in common chests and as world items as well. Whenever you defeat a boss, you can loot this armor from boss chests as well.

After reaching level 36, you can find the Glass Armor in Northwatch Keep.  Additionally, you can also loot this armor from Thalmor soldiers in Thalmor Embassy as well.


Armor Piece Armor Weight Value ID
Glass Armor 38 7 900 00013939
Glass Boots 11 2 190 00013938
Glass Gauntlets 11 2 190 0001393A
Glass Helmet 16 2 450 001393B
Glass Shield 27 6 450 0001393C

Smithing requirements

To craft this light armor in Skyrim, you must reach level 70 first. Apart from that, you should also have the Glass Smithing Perk along with the following set of items:

  • Refined Moonstone
  • Refined Malachite
  • Leather
  • Leather Strips

Glass Armor mods

Skyrim offers different mods for armor and weapons in the game. These mods can allow the players to customize their armor. Glass Armor has different mods as well.

First mod for the Glass armor is the Truly  Light Armor. This mod allows thieves to wear the glass armor. Remember one thing, this mod is exclusive for females only.

Another mod for the Glass Armor in Skyrim is the aMidianBorn Glass Armor.  With this mod, you can replace the glass set of your glass armor with a high-resolution texture.

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