How To Get Steel Plate Armor Set in Skyrim

Will you craft it, loot it or purchase it?

Steel Plate Armor is a Heavy armor type in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you have chosen to go with heavy armor in Skyrim, this Armor is a good choice for the early and mid phases of the game. Generally, you can acquire this armor set in Skyrim from blacksmiths and as loot from enemies around levels 18 and 19. Naturally, you can also craft this armor set in Skyrim.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can get Steel Plate Armor and how it compares to other heavy armor sets in Skyrim.

Methods to Get the Steel Plate Armor in Skyrim

The Steel Plate Armor, compared to other armor of the same standard, is relatively easier to get. You can either craft the full armor set, collect the different items by going on a killing spree, or even use a simple technique to claim this heavy armor, which will be discussed later.

First, we will discuss the crafting method. For this method, you need to have a Smithing level of 50, and the Advanced Armor perk unlocked. Once done, all you have to do is collect the relevant materials required to craft the armor set. The materials for specific items of the armor set are stated below, along with the item IDs:

Armor PieceIDMaterials Required to Craft
Steel Plate Armor (Chest)0001395c– Steel x3– Iron x1– Strips x3
Steel Plate Boots0001395b– Corundum x1– Steel x2– Iron x1– Strips x2
Steel Plate Gauntlets0001395d– Corundum x1– Steel x2– Iron x1– Strips x2
Steel Plate Helmet0001395e– Corundum x1– Steel x2– Iron x1– Strips x2

Crafting this armor is available after your character level reaches 18. Along with that, you also need to make sure that you have the Advanced Armor perk unlocked.

The second method of getting this armor set is by defeating certain guards and bandits and looting them. This method will get you the armor but in individual items, not as a whole set.

Once you reach level 18, head to Black-Briar Lodge at Riften. Kill the guards there and loot them. You can get the chest piece of the Steel Plate Armor set. For the Gauntlets, Boots, and Helmet, you will have to take down the Bandit Marauders, who are occasionally seen wearing this heavy armor set.

black-briar lodge skyrim

The armor they wear changes with time, so if you are lucky, you might come across these bandits wearing Steel Plate Armor. You can even try your luck and go for the full set by taking on Rigel Strong-Arm in Pinewatch or Atar in Sanuarach Mine. Remember that these enemies will be tough to beat, so be prepared.

The final method, and maybe the easiest way to get your hands on the Steel Plate Armor early on in the game, is to kill a follower, Uthgerd. This method can be done even at level 1, but follow the exact steps.

Go to Whiterun and head on over to The Bannered Mare. There you will see Uthgerd the Unbroken sitting alone. Challenge her to an unarmed duel and win. Once won, you have to go back to her and ask her to follow you. Take her to a secluded area where no one can see you and kill her on the spot. Loot her body, and you will find the whole armor set without the helmet.

You can also acquire this heavy armor set from Blacksmiths and Merchants, so if none of the methods mentioned above suit you, purchasing it is always an option. The enchanted variants for Steel Plate can only be found after you have reached level 19. You can also upgrade this armor using Corundom ingots so if you think the base variant isn’t good enough, you can always try upgrading it.

How Does Steel Plate Armor Compare to Dwarven Armor

Steel Plate Armor and Dwarven Armor have been in comparison amongst players in Skyrim for a good amount of time now. There are many factors where players argue when trying to figure out what type of armor is better.

In terms of rarity, Dwarven Armor is more rare. Even with Dwarven Armor beginning to appear after level 12 and Steel Plate Armor at level 18, you are much more likely to complete a Steel Plate Armor set than a Dwarven Armor set.

Considering armor rating, both the armor sets are almost on par with each other, but Steel Plate Armor takes the lead with 87 over 78 rating of Dwarven Armor. Players do consider the looks of the Armor as a factor in deciding which Armor is better, but let’s be honest, that is only for show.

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