How to Get Elven Armor in Skyrim

In Skyrim, you can find and craft several light armor such as Chitin Armor, Hide Armor, and Studded Armor. Elven Armor is one of the craftable light armors in Skyrim. You can find it as body loot at several places on the game as well as craft it in the Blacksmith Forge.

This guide will include all the places you can find Elven Armor in Skyrim along with the level requirement to unlock different variants of Elven Armor.

Elven Armor location in Skyrim

There are three variants of the Elven Armor 000896A3 that you can get in Skyrim. Each one is found at the specific levels in the game at the same locations. These variants include Elven Light Armor, Elven Armor, and Elvin Gilded Armor.

Compared to the Elven Armor, Elven Gilded Armor has high stats and ratings. If you wear Elven Gilded Armor with other Elven pieces, you will get a rating similar to that of Scaled Armor.

Elven Light Armor

Elven Light Armor is like a small version of the bigger Elven Armor. They will appear as separate pieces on the map starting from level 1. At any single place on the map, you will get only one piece of armor such as an Elven Bow.

Location #1

For the first location, you must travel to the White run in Skyrim. There is a giant building named Jorrvaskr inside the city center. If we go to the basement of this building, there is a room with Elven Bow inside the display case.


You must pick the lock on the display case to access the Elven Bow. You can also find Elven War Hammer and Elven Sword in the neighboring rooms inside the display case. Keep in mind that you are stealing all these items. Therefore, you must pick locks when there is no one around.

Location #2

For the second location, you must travel to the Northwatch Keep. The castle at this location is filled to brim with Thalmor warriors and Archers. All the Thalmor wears the Elven Armor. Therefore, you can get it if you kill them.

You can easily shoot them with the Elven Bow you have acquired on the White run. Once you have successfully shot down the Thalmor Warrior, you can go to his corpse and pick up the Elven Armor. Make sure to shoot them one by one and avoid being detected.

Location #3

Travel to Markoff and head inside the Understone Key castle. You can find Thalmor Soldiers at the end of the room inside the castle. Once you have your eyes on the Thalmor Soldier, kill him with your weapon.

The Thalmor soldier will drop a full set of Elven Light Armor. Put all the looted weapons away and make yourself arrested by choosing the option to go to jail. Inside the jail cell, swing the pickaxe at the rock and choose the option to serve the sentence.

You will then get out of prison along with all the looted Elven Armor.

Elven armor

Elven Armor is a more powerful variant of the Elven light Armor. Just like the Elven light Armor, you will get pieces of it starting from level 12. At level 13, you can find the enchanted variant.

You can find the Elven Armor at the same location as the light armor. Simply kill the Thalmor warriors and Archers at Northwatch to get it. You just need to visit this location after your level has reached 12 or more.

The same can be said for the Thalmor Soldiers found at the Understone Key castle. You can also get the Elven Armor from the thieves found on the roads located at Redwood.

Elven Gilded armor

Elven Gilded Armor is the most powerful version of the Elven Armor that has higher stats than the regular version. This version can be unlocked after level 27. You can then find Elven Gilded Armor from the Thalmor warriors at the Northwatch Keep.


Elven Armor

Pieces Armor Encumbrance Gold ID
Elven Armor 29 4 225 000896A3
Elven Boots 8 1 45 0001391A
Elven Gauntlets 8 1 45 0001391C
Elven Helmet 13 1 110 0001391D
Elven Shield 21 4 115 0001391E

Elven Gilded Armor

Pieces Armor Encumbrance Gold ID
Elven Armor 35 4 550 0001392A
Elven Boots 8 1 45 0001391A
Elven Gauntlets 8 1 45 0001391C
Elven Helmet 13 1 110 0001391D
Elven Shield 21 4 115 0001391E

Elven Light Armor

Pieces Armor Encumbrance Gold ID
Elven Armor 26 4 125 00105F12
Elven Boots 7 1 25 00105F11
Elven Gauntlets 7 1 25 00105F13
Elven Helmet 12 1 60 00105F14

How to improve the Elven Armor in Skyrim?

To craft Elven Armor in the Blacksmith Forge, you will need a Smithing Level of 30 or above. Along with that, you will need Elven Smithing as a perk activated in Skyrim. Once you have all the Smithing requirements, you will need the following items to craft the Elven Armor:

  • Refined Moonstone
  • Quicksilver Ingot
  • Leather Strips
  • Iron Ingot

Once you have crafted the Elven Armor, you can improve its level with the help of Refined Moonshine along with Elven Smithing perk. These upgrades can all be done at a Workbench.

Elven Armor Mod

Project 7 – Elven Armor Remastered

This Project 7 mod has changed the color of the Elven Armor to the Moonshine. Not only the color is changed in this mod, but this modded armor has a little shine added. The new looks of this armor also have a higher poly and better resolution with the textures.

Royal Elven Armor Set

This mod involves the more light version of the Elven Armor pieces. It has three sets: light, heavy, and dress. The heavy armor type is inspired by the Glass Armor. You will need to craft this modded armor just like you do the regular one.

Elven Smithing Perk is also required If you are planning to upgrade it in the future.

The Elven Chainmail is a completely remade female version of the Elven Armor. It has two-tone colors: Silver and Bronze. The modded version looks very good and elegant because of the good choice of colors.

Dark Nemesis & Eternal Shine Armor

This mod is a custom armor that has qualities of both Dark Nemesis and Eternal Shine armor. You have two options for this modded armor: Glowing and Non-Glowing.  It looks like the steel version of the Elven Armor with more overall shine.

This version of Elven Armor features both male and female versions. You can also use it alongside the other Elven Armor pieces.

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