How To Get Nightingale Armor In Skyrim

We have compiled this guide so you can know after which quest you can get Nightingale armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Nightingale is a unique armor given to the best Thieves in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Getting this armor is not a difficult job, but you will need to spend a few hours in the Thieves Guild Questline.

We have compiled this guide so you can know after which quest you can get Nightingale armor and what is the right time to go for it in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Nightingale Armor location in Skyrim

There is no place where you can find this armor set in Skyrim. Now you might be thinking about how to get the Nightingale armor. Don’t worry; we have you covered.

During the “Trinity Restored” quest, you will get to become a member of the Nightingales. Suppose you are looking to get a high-level variant of the Nightingale Armor. In that case, we recommend waiting until you reach level 32.

Once you are at level 32 or above, you can start the Trinity Restored quest, in which you will get the Nightingale armor set. You have to follow Karlia, and she will take you to the Three Armor Stones.

Activate the Armor Stones, and you will get the Nightingale Armor set. After getting the armor, you will take an oath to join the Nightingales and become a servant of Nocturnal.

Once you get the Armor set, you will notice that it is similar to the armor worn by Moon Knight, one of the Marvel characters. Because of that resemblance, some players call it nightingale armor Moon Knight.

Nightingale Armor enchantments

Each piece of armor has an enchantment that will buff different abilities. If you wear full armor set, a special effect called Nightingale Armor Full Set will be activated.

Below you will find all the buffs each piece can give you if you get this armor at level 32 or above.

  • Nightingale Armor: Increase Frost resistance by 50% and Stamina by 40 Points.
  • Nightingale Boots: Lower the movement noise.
  • Nightingale Gloves: One-hand attacks do 25% more damage, and lockpicking gets 25% easier.
  • Nightingale Hood: The spell casting cost of Illusion spells is reduced by 17%.


The base stats of the Nightingale Armor sets at level 32 or above are below.

Armor Piece Armor Weight Value ID
Nightingale Armor 34 12 1949 000FCC0F
Nightingale Gloves 10 2 1294 000FCC11
Nightingale Boots 10 2 5434 000FCC0D
Nightingale Hood 15 2 969 000FCC12

 Smithing requirements

Using Void Salts and Arcane Blacksmith perk, you can upgrade all pieces of Nightingale Armor set at the Workbench. The upgrade is not affected by any smithing perk, as your level will determine it, so it is more of a level scaling thing.

You can also spawn the armor pieces using the console commands below.

  • Nightingale Armor:additem 000FCC0F
  • Nightingale Gloves:additem 000FCC11
  • Nightingale Boots:additem 000FCC0D
  • Nightingale Hood:additem 000FCC12

Nightingale Armor mods

As we all know that Nightingale armor came enchanted, and you don’t get the option to enchant it yourself. The Nightingale armor without enchantments mod will give you the option to enchant your armor.

Another mod that you can use for getting a completely customized Nightingale armor is Zerofrost Mythical armor and dragon. This mod adds different armor and dragons to Skyrim, including the Nightingale armor.

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