Best Armor Sets in Skyrim [Top 10]

These are some of the coolest looking and practical armor sets in Skyrim.

The vast world of Skyrim holds a variety of armor sets and armor pieces, which you can mix and match to your advantage and get stronger in different areas for your character. Some of the sets look great, but they’re not practical; some of the sets are really strong; however, they don’t look that pleasing, and a few have both. In this guide, we will discuss our Top 10 armor sets in Elder Scrolls Skyrim, which we find aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Deathbrand Armor Set

One of the greatest light armor sets in Skyrim is the Deathbrand Armor Set. It has bright and vibrant colors of the snow, which is perfect for a region like Skyrim and it gives off a Viking look, making it aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, thanks to its buffs, the Deathbrand armor Set actually supersedes some of the more formidable heavy armor sets. With each of piece of Deathbrand Armor you equip, a value is added, making its enchantment four times stronger. This puts the armor set on par with the Daedric armor set, if not better. This armor is great to play if you’re going for a warrior style of play as its buffs are mostly around the defense.

Guild Master’s Armor Set

guild master armor set

The guild master’s armor set can be obtained by bringing the thief guild back to its former glory. This armor set is perfect for those looking for stealth-based gameplay in Skyrim. Aesthetically, the armor set also looks incredible – on that, it screams of stealth and assassins. It’s a perfect set for a rouge or assassin class player. It is a Stealth first set armor through and through.

Ahzidal’s Armor

heavy ahzidal's armor set

This armor set requires enchantments to outshine. With the enchantments, this armor set actually enhances one’s experience; for instance, the boots will enable you to walk on water! There is also a set chance of paralyzing the enemy that attacks melee on you. More importantly, this piece of armor has a Nordic look and especially suits your character is female.

The base armor is also pretty strong however, when it comes to play style, it is leaning towards the mage style. With the relics of Azhidal, the armor actually debuffs incoming magical attacks, and with the helm of vision, it can also increase the range of the spells you use. However, it can also be used by a fighter, and it can essentially be used as an anti-mage armor, allowing the player to close into the enemy mages and execute them.

Falmer Hardened Armor

falmer hardened armor

It is one of the variants of the Falmer Armor and looks similar to Falmer Heavy Armor; however, this armor is stronger and lighter than its counterpart, making it much better. This armor is on par with the Ebony armor set, and its base armor stat is really strong. It is also one of the coolest armor sets, as it looks really demonic as well with its design. Both the male and female versions of Falmer Hardened Armor look intimidating. Due to its slightly lighter weight but good protection, this armor qualifies for melee-style classes like Warriors.

Morag Tong

morag tong armor set

Morag Tong Armor is the cheapest among the Chitin variants of armor. While the armor isn’t that good when it comes to defense, it’s a lightweight armor set that can provide players with good agility. This is another recommendation for quick stealth-based or assassin-type players. Sometimes, it is better to go in quick, kill, and return. This armor is also one of the creepiest and most intimidating – perfect for the dark, creepy theme.

Armor of the Old Gods

armor of the old golds

Armor of the Old Gods is for those who are going for Archery mixed with Magic playstyle. This armor set buffs both the magic and archery attacks, making it perfect for range offensive characters. It improves sneaking, causes destruction spells to cost less, bows do more damage, and increases the Magicka points, so this armor is best for the ranger class. It also looks good with its prehistoric look and nature-friendly camouflage.

Improved Bonemold Armor

improved bone mold armor

The improved Bonemold Armor is fashioned from bones, making it another somewhat unsettling set. This armor set relies on having a shield as well, thus making it a Paladin or a Warrior-style armor set. With a strong shield, the base armor can go up as far as 105, making it perfect for a tank build in Skyrim. This armor is intimidating and can tank high amounts of damage, also reinforcing that it is great for close melee-based combat.

Stormcloak Officer Armor

Nothing screams loyalty to the resistance than the Stormcloak Officer Armor. This is also another hunter-based armor set similar to the Armor of the Old Gods minus the enchantments. It is also perfect for roleplay if you’re supporting and siding with the Stormcloaks to overthrow the Imperials.

Daedric Armor

daedric armor set

The most iconic armor in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim is the Daedric Armor set. This armor set is well-suited for warrior-based characters. While it’s hard to get this armor, it is the best and coolest looking one in Skyrim due to its edgy and sinister style, which screams of a dark lord. This armor set is also the strongest when it comes to defense, allowing players to absorb a lot of damage. Armor’s red glow makes it cooler when it comes to looks.

Nightingale Armor

nightingale armor

Keeping the best for the last, the Nightingale armor set perfectly balances aesthetic and practicality. It is a rouge-class character’s dream armor set due to its functions that allow them more stealth buffs. Furthermore, the armor relies on a character’s level, improving it as the character advances through the levels. It costs less to use the illusion spells, improves sneak, and lock picking, and buffs the damage with one-handed attacks. Perhaps calling it a “Batman Armor Set” of Skyrim is the perfect way to describe it.

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